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Having bosses have a confused/amazed look animation if the player is wearing their skin.

JovialWJovialW Posts: 32 Level 2
edited July 27 in Ideas

As for trying to be more detailed, maybe there should be a new boss intro animation when they are looking at Crash(Or Coco) and they're dressed as the boss themselves.


-Koala Kong having an strange look at Crash wearing a legendary of his attire.

While some others would be impressed at it, for example:

Oxide being impressed if Crash or Coco are wearing thr Oxide skin(The ones you get for finishing top 10 during the first Season)

NTropy being amused by Crash/Coco wearing the Tropy Legendary skin.

And etc.

Would be real funny and cool to see that when meeting a boss when you have their own skin.

So what do you think of that idea?

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