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Increase speed as boss loses health.

BluePowerGemBluePowerGem Posts: 30 Level 2

What if the speed of both the player and the boss increased whenever the boss loses a life in the same way that the speed of the player and hazards increase during Survivial Runs? I think this would be a great way to make all of the bosses, including the easier ones, more challenging and interesting to fight since most of the bosses have so much health with only 3 to 4 attacks. The gradual increase in speed as the boss loses health will make the boss fights feel less repetitive and dragged on since the speed increase would make the boss fight get a bit more tricky and hectic towards the end just as bosses in other video games typically get harder towards the end of the fight.

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  • MrsJokerMrsJoker Posts: 19 Level 2
  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 667 Level 3

    Did you Play the Seasonal Henchmen recently?

    If not, you might have missed how simply "Speeding them up" already causes lots of weird Visual issues and Bugs with their Attacks...

    So I'd rather not risk an annoying hard boss that is (mostly) working properly get turned into an Omega-Nuisance because of the "Speed up" feature getting pushed into the Battle against Gang Leaders.

    If it's gonna be implemented any way similar to how level 5 and 6 Henchmen are speed up, no thanks.

    There are already enough issues with bosses as is, don't need to give the devs Ideas to make them even worse. 😓

  • BluePowerGemBluePowerGem Posts: 30 Level 2

    Well I've noticed that they've been making existing bosses like Mr. Crumb and N. Brio harder by putting them closer to the screen and increasing their attack frequency/aggressiveness. I think that's good enough but it would be cool to see them maybe add one or two new attacks to the existing bosses when they're at half health. I'd also like to see them make the bumpa berries more accurate since they miss a lot and it sometimes causes the bosses with the new difficulty to drag on too long.

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