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Vendor apparently Bugged



  • alezioalezio Posts: 367 Level 3

    those skins will probably appear later on, probably mid season. They choose which people get them and which don't. It's another one of their "smart" feature of the game. I'm not even lying

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  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 667 Level 3


    Can you ask if the Devs are working on a Fix?

    I'm really getting tired of the fact I never have any skins in my Vending Machine...

    At the current rate I gotta ask myself, why bother to play?

    Farming Crystal makes little to no sense, since I can't buy skins.

    Producing Weapons makes hardly any sense, because we don't know when we will get new Gangs and Seasonal Gangs just need Nitro or Frosty Serum/Bomb/Ray Guns...

    Thanks to the BPs there are also +100 Nitro/Frosty/Fire Bazookas that can be used for absolutely nothing in my inventory.

    Other weapons can at least sometimes be exchanged at the Mission Board, but Bazookas don't do anything with out regular gangs tobuse them on.

    Seasons are boring because cheaters can ruin everything and Survival Runs are still a horrible mess.

    Collecting skins isn't really possible, both because of the Vendor keeps messing up and a huge number of Skins just not appearing at all.

    King really needs to add something meaningful to the game. Or at the very least Fix that Vendor for the players.

  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 534 Level 3

    More than fix it, they need to rethink how the Vending Machine works. There are way too many skins cycling through it now for only 4 skins to be shown daily. It's even more frustrating when you see the same skin showing up 3 days in a week. An easy way to improve this would be to allow to refresh the Vending Machine several times each day, even at the cost of having to watch an ad.

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 235 Level 3

    I had the same issue on my other account. Its been a week now im still having the same. It shows me just 1 or 2 common skin my sister account had the same. At her vendor it shows only 1 Epic skin.

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