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Let's talk about this game's future

PauoloPauolo Posts: 534 Level 3

I am making this post to talk about any future content this game will have, since it is very unlikely the developers will post any form of roadmap, or make any communication on what they planned next. Also because the lack of actual support to the game has worsen more and more since Season 3.

Regarding seasons, I don't think there will be more after the end of the year. At least, until the developers change their minds about it or the publisher approves for more content. What you will get starting next week is 1 new henchman with Season 6, then 1 new boss with Season 7 (November) and 1 new boss with Season 8 (December). Don't expect more, that was planned that way at least since launch.

Regarding main content, same story, don't expect any more islands or levels until next year. The developers only planned for 12 levels, 3 islands. The jet pack, jet board and jet minecart levels were probably just thrown in as ideas rather than something the developers worked on. It is even possible they will be scrapped for one reason or another.

Don't expect any of those "coming soon" buildings to ever be used this year as well, or ever. I can tell one of them has had no purpose since before launch, because its purpose was replaced by spending crystals to boost lab and coop production. And yet it is still "coming soon"...

Maybe someone else has more insights to share on what's coming, for which I would be interested to hear it. Feel free to comment on too.


  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 534 Level 3

    I forgot to add, of course there will be skins for the next 3 seasons too. Those were planned from launch as well, for most. But don't expect them to have bonuses useful for the 3rd island's ingredients, especially Fizzle Flakes and Bellow Peppers. The developers have been more focused on tending to the needs of new players regarding skins than veterans'. Season 6's skin bonuses are already more disappointing than Season 5's

    Ultimately, we will only see more skins with bonuses for the flakes and peppers when the developers add new levels. It's not like there's much oxide rayguns and bazookas to be made to reach the 200th power gem anyway

  • alezioalezio Posts: 421 Level 3

    Also there is an ongoing lawsuit between the devs of Activision Blizzard and King against the higher up in Activision. This might have played a big role in the development of the game and might have ruined their plans.

  • Mohamed90909Mohamed90909 Posts: 139 Level 3

    Also don’t forget about the upcoming game called crash bandicoot wumpa league. If it wasn’t for the lawsuits the activision was sued, this epic game would’ve been revealed in PlayStation showcase last week!!!

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