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Missing rewards after last event

KorothirKorothir Posts: 7 Level 2


After the last event (the 25th anniversary one) I haven't got my rewards...

Our team did very well. We ended up at the third place, yet when I logged in after the event was over, nothing was added to my account. No skins, no gems.. nothing. They are still not there.

My player ID is: 12447688626

I'm registered using the name Korothir

My team is: Crashbandi HUN

Can you help me? I need those skins very much.

Thank you.


  • ZonaaZonaa Posts: 323 Level 3

    Use in game report issue to tell ur problems to game support. This is just a community, use in game report to contact real support. They will help u alot. Also they will contact u via e-mail and ask if u have Screenshot to proove that u were 3rd and u will get ur rewards.

    Good luck

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  • KorothirKorothir Posts: 7 Level 2

    Ummm thanks but.. How could I prove that we were third now at this point?? I can't go back in time now can I?

    It is based on remembrance...the last time checked we were like 4000 points ahead of the group on the fourth place.

    I never thought the game would glitch out on me.

    Not to mention that I was in the process of changing phones. Turns out my new one cannot run the game because of GMS missing on it. It never got the license, Huawei owners can't play this game!

    So I managed to get it running on an older phone. And there you have it. Event over and no rewards.

    I checked that issue report screen first but it looked like a Q&A screen with pre generated issues.. And answers. It didn't looked like I could post anything there.

    But I guess I will try that. But I don't have any screenshots. Logically I don't.

    Thanks anyway. I might just abandoned this completely.

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 156 Level 3

    Just snapshot the photo and send into the report there. They will try to think about what happened and fix this.

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