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Cortex Power Island - Part 1: The mountain

gustavopearl14gustavopearl14 Posts: 44 Level 2


We start a new saga in Crash on the Run, where we discover that N.gin is in search of the 16 Fragments of Calamity. It's that we must travel the worlds and retrieve every fragment that is being picked up by his Henchmen and allies.

✓Fragments of the calamity:

The fragments of calamity emerged along with the creation of the universe, formerly it was one called "Crytal of supreme power" that Crystal created all the magic masks we know, in addition to the magic itself. Only a few billion years ago, The Crystal was taken over by the Elementals. They tried to absorb the Crystal's power but it went wrong and an explosion happened, and the crystais shattered into 16 pieces, turning into the shards of calamity, each fragmented with its own peculiarity. And with the Crystal's explosion, the route of a meteor was changed, thus causing the extinction of the dinosaurs and the disappearing Elemental masks. But the Elementary they managed to save and were recruited by Uka-Uka.

✓Cortex Power island:

We go to the past, at the beginning of the creation of the crash, where we will find the first 4 fragments of the calamity.

*1st Fragment of Calamity: With concept "Protection", he is with Ripper roo, in The Mountain.

✓Scenario Description: We are running through the mountain, where we walk across the bridge stage in Crash Bandicoot 1. A mountainous backdrop with a lot of fog and rocks. You must dodge holes and walk over small, more dangerous bridges on the way. In addition to dodging Turtles and Boars on the way. Reach the top of the mountain and finish off Ripper roo and retrieve the Fragment of Calamity.


*Boars: They come running towards you, dodge or spin them to blast Nitros in front of you.

*Turtles: We can find some walking that you can spin or trip them. In addition to some being face-up, which you use as a jumping platform, replacing the mushrooms or jumping boxes, in this scenario.


In the mountains beyond Ripper roo, we have to defeat 2 more bosses first, which allied with Ripper roo. These being Papu-papu Glacial and Koala Kong Inferno.

*Glacial Papu-Papu: We must defeat this boss, and get to Ripper roo soon. Then defeat your Henchmen and defeat this obstacle in your path. Native Glacial, Thorny Nitro, Native Inferno and Thorny Glacial.

*Koala Kong Inferno: The bombshell has come to fight the bandicoots, prove to him that muscle isn't everything and get him out of his way. But don't forget to destroy your Henchmen.Geary Nitro, Zombot Glacial, Grumbler Inferno and Mini-Robot Oxide.

*Ripper roo Glacial: We found the Fragment, they are aided by Ripper roo, creating barriers to protect him, based on his Protection concept alone, so find a way to destroy his barriers. While thinking, defeat his Henchmen:Bat Oxide, Goar Oxide, Dentate Oxide, Grumbler Oxide.

✓How to Defeat Ripper Roo Glacial?

Coco and Cortex together create artificial Bumpas, with high explosive power, now we need to hit them with a lot of force on the barrier. So to defeat Ripper roo we use Crunch. He then defeats Ripper roo, and we retrieve the Shard of Protection, now only 15 left.

✓What will we do with the fragments?

Coco creates a containment wing in her laboratory, for the time being everyone has been kept safe.

✓Description of Heads:

*Ripper roo+ Fragment of Protection: Your attacks consist of throwing Nitros and TNT's on the way. Besides sometimes jumping on the track to try to hit the bandicoots. But he is at all times protected by Fragment Barriers. That need to be broken to hit the boss. Having the Boss 8 Health Points.


*Jewel route: In the mountains we will find the Red jewel, hit all the wild boars on the way and get the jewel at the end of the route.

*Challenge Route: Break all the crates in the level and get a reward.

*Multiversal route: Choose between tawna and Dingodile and complete the course without attacking any turtles. And get 2 inverted Gems.

*Intelligence route: Destroy all the TNT's along the route, in the Cortex route and get 4 lab pieces.

*Intensive route: Complete the route with Crunch breaking all the iron boxes on the way, and then get 2 Glacial bazookas.

✓Why no more Fragmented routes?

Because the N.brio anomalies were stopped, and then reality is defragmenting, no more perturbations in reality taking place.

✓Why do we continue with Dingodile and Tawna if the anomalies are gone?

Why did they come from Crash 4, as far as the game goes. So they are not part of N.brio's inventions and they helped us for a long time.

O Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the development of the new Crash on the run saga and the Fragments of Calamity.😁😁

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