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Crash on the run achievements | Part 2 - Final

gustavopearl14gustavopearl14 Posts: 44 Level 2


1st Trophy: Mata Tortoise

-I unlocked the Tortoise Forest

2nd Trophy: Warming Up

-Complete the return of Desafio, in Mata Tortoise

3rd Trophy: Ruby Bruto

-Purchase the red yolk.

4th Trophy: Faster than a turtle.

-Get Sapphira in Time Trial da Mata Tortoise.

5th trophy: On the way to Perfection

-Get Gold in the Mata Jabuti trial time.

6th Trophy: Fastest in the Forest

- Acquire Platinum in the Tortoise Forest Time Trial.

7th Trophy: Explorer

- Unlock From Lost city

8th Trophy: Challenge accepted

-Complete Lost city Challenge

9th Trophy: Fancy Sapphire

- get the blue gem in Lost city

10th Trophy: Faster than the wind

-Achieve Platinum in the Lost city time trial.

11th Trophy: Temple of Secrets

-Unlocked Temple Ruins.

12th Trophy: Beginner Level

-Complete Challenge route in the temple ruins.

13th Trophy: Enameled Emerald

- Get green gem in Temple Ruins.

14th Trophy: Faster than a soul

-Get platinum at the temple ruins on the time trial route.

15th Trophy: Doubtful Egg

-Unlocked Nitro Eggs

16th Trophy: The Depths

-Unlocked manhole mouth

17th Trophy: The light at the end of the tunnel

-Get red yolk in Manhole mouth.

18th trophy: Ruler of the sewers

-Complete the Boca do Manhole Challenge

19th Trophy: Faster than the oceans

-Complete time trial with platinum, in manhole

20th Trophy: Wrath of Cortex

-I unlocked the Laboratory

21st trophy: General Bandicoot

-Complete the Lab challenge.

22nd Trophy: Affinity with Wumpas

-Acquire Green Gem

23rd Trophy: Bandicoot or Hedgehog?

-Achieve Platinum on the Time Trial route

24th Trophy: Snow go

-I unlocked the Snowy Slide.

25th Trophy: Gets Cold

-Take the challenge route on the Escorrega Nevado.

26th Trophy: Woahhh !!!

-Acquire the colored gem from the Nevado slide.

27th Trophy: Getting Hot.

-Acquire Platinum on the Time Trial route at Escorrega Nevado.

28th Trophy: Warped

-I unlocked the dinopotence

29th Trophy: Era Bandicoot

-Complete the Dinopotence challenge route.

30th Trophy: Prehistoric Topaz

-Acquire the gem on the Dinopotence gem route.

31st Trophy: Velociraptor

-Acquire Platinum in Dinopotence.

32nd Trophy: Polar route

-Unlocked the Bear's Path

33rd Trophy: Glacial Exploration

-Complete the Bear's Path Challenge route.

34th Trophy: Ice inside

-Acquire the Bear Path Gem Route gem

35th Trophy: Faster than a bear

-Achieve Platinum on the Bear's Path.

36th Trophy: Fortress of the Natives

-Unlocked the Great Gate

37th Trophy: Intense

-Complete the Grand Gate Challenge route.

38th Trophy: Faster than Boar

- Get Platinum at the Great Gate.

39th Trophy: Ruination

-I unlocked the way to ruin

40th Trophy: Haunted Depths

-Complete the Path of Ruin Challenge.

42nd Trophy: Sapphire of Chaos

-Acquire the Blue Gem on the Path of Ruin.

43rd Trophy: Spectral Velocity

-Acquire Platinum on the Road to Ruin.

44th Trophy: Twinsanity

-Unlocked the Beach Jungle.

45th Trophy: Jungle inside

-Complete Beach Jungle Challenge.

46th Trophy: Jewel of the Jungle

-Acquire Gem in the Beach Jungle.

47th Trophy: Faster than Tiger.

-Get Platinum in the Beach Jungle.

48th Trophy: Upstream

-Unlocked Countercurrent

49th Trophy: Bandicoot Swimmer.

-Complete Riptide Challenge route.

50th Trophy: Keep Swimming

-Complete Riptide gem route

51st Trophy: Shark Speed

- Acquire Platinum Platinum at Contracurrent.

52nd Trophy: Eww

-Unlocked Nitro Eggs

53rd Trophy: This doesn't look good

-Unlocked Glacial Eggs

54th Trophy: Hot

-Unlocked Hell Eggs

55th Trophy: Gasmoxian Eggs?

-unlocked Oxide Eggs

56th Trophy: Nitrous Bomb

-Make a nitro bomb

57th Trophy: Pooww

-Take a shot with a Nitro pistol

58th Trophy: Yeahhhh

- Unlock Bazooka Nitro

59th Trophy: A Glacial Touch

- Make a Glacial potion

60th Trophy: Frozen

-I unlocked Glacial Bomb

61st Trophy: Ice Now!

-I unlocked the glacial pistol.

62nd Trophy: The pride of the good old man

- Unlocked the Glacial Bazooka

63rd Trophy: The Thing Will Burn

- Make a Bazooka Inferno

64th Trophy: Crimson Fire

-Unlocked the Inferno Gun

65th Trophy: Burning as the sun

-Unlocked the Inferno Bomb

67th Trophy: A Pinch of Heat

-Unlocked the Inferno potion

68th Trophy: Near perfection

-Unlocked Oxide Potion

-69th Trophy: Gasmoxian Explosion

-Unlocked the Oxide Bomb

70th Trophy: The future is here!

-Unlocked the Oxide pistol

71st Trophy: Perfection

-Unlocked Bazooka Oxide

72nd Trophy: Starting the Fun

-Get 10 gems of power

73rd Trophy: Dedication is the key

-Get 20 gems of power

74th Trophy: My Precious

-Get 40 gems of power

75th Trophy: Almost halfway there

-Get 80 gems of power

77th Trophy: Almost there

-Get 160 gems of power

78th Trophy: Finally, the End?

-Get 200 gems of power.

79th Trophy: That's it

-Get all colored gems

80th Trophy: Faster Than Light

-Get all Platinum

These are all trophies, I hope you liked it 😁

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