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¿is this true?,¿we are going to lost steps in the challenges too?.

FrozeniceFrozenice Posts: 84 Level 2
edited November 2021 in Discussions

this is a bad joke,first of all,is not april to do this joke,second... there are no checkpoints boxes in the races of gems/challenges/time attacks modes and for at last,we are not getting steps on these races.

these modes are very hard sometimes,we need to lose to know how to clear the challenge,¿why now?,¿why we need to pay for steps and checkpoints there if there never have checkpoint boxes and we can't collect steps there?,this is a really bad joke.

first of all,we need a raise for these crystals in these crystals chanllenges,¿only two in every crystal challenge and they ask 9 crystals?,raise the crystals challenge to five and make ''the great wall gem challenge'' too before of this,i don't know but i prefer to stay the game like that,we don't want to lose steps and/or crystals in these challenges too.


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