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Best Improvements

Mohamed90909Mohamed90909 Posts: 77 Level 3

If you want to make this game better, please add these features:

1) Add old and new power ups (like in crash 3)

2) Add old and new quantum powers(like in crash 4)

3) Add more new playable characters other than just crash and coco( like crunch, Tawna, cortex and more…)

4) Fix all the issues on all survival run levels

5) Add new levels, musics, features and more…

6) Add more crossovers with COTR:

DC(Batman, Superman and more…) X Crash Bandicoot

Rayman X Crash Bandicoot 

Scooby Doo X Crash Bandicoot 

Looney Tunes X Crash Bandicoot

Warner Bros X Crash Bandicoot

Nickelodeon X Crash Bandicoot

Cartoon Network X Crash Bandicoot

Mario X Crash Bandicoot 

Sonic X Crash Bandicoot 

Banjo and Kazooie X Crash Bandicoot

Nintendo X Crash Bandicoot 

Disney(Mickey mouse, Wreck it Ralph and more…) X Crash Bandicoot 

Marvel(Spider man, iron man and more…) X Crash Bandicoot 

Playstation( ratchet and clank, sackboy and more…) X Crash Bandicoot 

Other video games X Crash Bandicoot

and more…

7) Add new minigames 

8) Add upgrades for all the skins to make them stronger

9) More new ways to defeat bosses than just throwing at them with just berry bombs like spinning, sliding, or body slam them at the right time. And then once before they’re defeated you keep hitting them with punches, slaps, kicks and more as a bonus.

10) Add more new tournaments like special for only the best of the best

11) Add new chase levels, airplane levels, diving and swimming levels and more…

12) Add better performances, voices, qualities, graphics, art designs, gameplays, stories, challenges, controls, themes, sounds and musics, balances, and more…

And more…

Please devs add all of these features, thank you and stay safe👍


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