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What happened with the game?

W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,375 Level 5

I just came back to give a visit to see how things are going, but unfortunately, it doesn't seen improved at all. Even the super small details like crystal confirmation purchases, The Great Gate Gem/Crystal run and option to change speed in CR's don't have any sort of notice at all.

Look at the crystal confirmation purchase for example. Is this suggestion, that was one of the most requested things in beta and it's nearly going to make 365 days without being even considered.

I also heard that the tiki head and aku aku quests were removed from a certain % of people. Let me ask, what would be the reason to create a complete imbalance on the leaderboards by restricting these people for exchanging steps or wumpas to trophies, while also removing a font of 5 daily crystals for seemingly zero reason as far as I know?

About the tiki head, it can't be cheaters, because there are over 10 better solutions for this problem, like a 24h~48h verification check after each season or tournament ends, which also gives opportunity to report last second cheaters trying to steal leaderboard rewards, or anything that doesn't involve removing the tiki head, plus the fact that some of they don't even use the tiki head at all (I mean, it doesn't sound possible that in specific cases someone got like 100M+ trophies super fast was from converting steps all day).

Anyways, I could just write a bunch of endless paragraphs with complaints of all the problems, but that's not why I'm here. Honestly, this seems an issue due to either a lack of developers working on the code, or a lack of organization leading to these terrible decisions. (I believe the result of issues is a mix of both problems mentioned above)

So I would highly recommend start working on these two topics (in case the issue is due to both) - because right now there is a severe untrust bind formed between the community and developers, due to the unfair modification/removal of important features, lack of communication and lack of implementation of largely requested features.

Just some curious facts: According to game booster (Using Galaxy players as sample), Crash On the Run lost a total of 97% of weekly activity [Peak is 891k, Bottom is 26.3k] since launch (enter the game at least once a week), and I assure that 97% is a lot for less than a year of launching the game. It's basically from 10,000,000 players to 300,000 players.


  • Denyae0203Denyae0203 Posts: 386 Level 3
  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 384 Level 3

    Game isnt being improved at all. So lazy these developers. If developers like Playrix made this game, I would still stay. They can make it even more better without waiting for 2 years. But King dosent. Probably need to wait for about 1 year to improve the game. Why dont King just delete the whole game instead of waiting till next year?

  • Erika0811Erika0811 Posts: 1,880 Level 4

    Thank you for the information. Everything you have mentioned makes a lot of sense. I am glad that someone decided to give us some answers to the questions we have all been having.

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 64,403 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Welcome back and thank you for your information. 👍😊

    Tagging active Crash On the Run Players into spoiler :

    If you want to subscribe on Crash On the Run Tagging List, please check and comment here! Thanks! 😊

    Attention! I remove all of inactive players on tagging list on few of days ago. Much better! 👍😊

  • DanielProGamerDanielProGamer Posts: 426 Level 3

    Totally agree, I hope that 2022 improves the game if not the people who continue to play today will want to leave since this is happening in my team I have some who no longer want to contribute and I have to contribute everything for the 1 site and I do not understand why some They have the new interface and others do not, apart from the fact that the game is riddled with errors, many things that king must take into account.

  • GasmoxianFella04GasmoxianFella04 Posts: 37 Level 2

    Oh wow. There are a lot of missing information I haven't know. I will address them here and put my own opinion on the matter:

    So, I'm gonna say this right here, Devs. Adding a very simple thing that doesn't even require any complex coding, such as confirming if you want to buy something using the crystals is a very, very bad sign. How can you not implement such an easy thing to make after like almost a year when someone suggested it and said their good reasoning? (Mind you, the crystals are very important resources and wasting it by accidently pressing on a button you didn't want to, is a huge deal). The funny thing about this, is that someone suggested it on the discord server, the server where you can talk with the devs and the server where the devs are most interactive with their fans. That's a red flag for me.

    Second, For the Great Gate colored gem challenge / crystal challenge. I don't know when this was like that but it seems it was from the beginning. If there is no colored gem, why did you add the empty slot on the UI? If the emptied gem slot is there, it means there will be a challenge for it, why is the challenge not here yet? Why make the rest of the third island's challenges but NOT The Great Gate? Laziness? Probably. If the UI didn't show that there is an emptied gem slot, I might slip this one around but it isn't because it indicates that there is a challenge in the future, yet there isn't? How long are you going to leave The Great Gate without a colored gem?

    Third, While I understand the reason why the Tiki Head is removed, there are some problems that come with it. The main one which is the one I complained is that now the step coins are just bragging rights. What's the point of trying to save our step coins now if we got like a million of it? Who and why would anyone brag about getting a million steps now? It isn't that big of a deal, if you have added an alternative way to spend the step coins that doesn't include farming trophies, I wouldn't mind the removal of the Tiki Head. Another funny thing about this, is that King's Reasoning for removing the Tiki Head is funny. They said it's to "make the game even more challenging and more fun" by removing it. I mean, sure, it does make it harder, but is it fun to do Survival Run a Million times including the fact that Survival Run is buggy? Pretty sure the answer is: No.

    Solution to this? Add an alternative way for the people who got the new interface to get trophies other than the Tiki Head. Again, I have already suggested an alternative way for people to gain trophies in this fourm AND in the discord server, an endless cycle of gangs that appears everytime, the gang will be randomized at all times and when you beat a gang, it will recycle into another randomized gang boss with randomized henchmen, beating them should reward you a plenty of trophies just like how they reward you in the seasonal gangs. Otherwise, there will be a situation where someone has the old interface and spams their step coin / wumpa fruit into their Tiki Head and the tournament will simply be unfair due to the fact that there is someone who has the old interface and the rest doesn't. (Yes, this CAN happen).

    Now now, I have heard that they are hiring new developers and I have seen new faces. I have seen like 3 or 4 new developers in the discord server. But, with the above statement, now I'm being suspicious of them even hiring the new developers. If you wish for the game to continue or extend the longevity. EXPLAIN all of these to me, and I will consider giving the game another chance. If not, then it's going to be hard to support the game for longer.

    I love Crash Bandicoot, but this is a major red flag, King. And if you keep it up, then the game will hardly get any support.

  • Wumpa_BakerWumpa_Baker Posts: 54 Level 2
    edited December 2021

    I've been off the boards for a while. Mainly because of the whole Activision thing and also the boards just seem to be "this is broken or that is broken" and "the devs are working on it". I still play though. Some people were asking about what to do with the steps and fruit. I told them to just use the tiki not knowing that it was missing for some. I have informed them of what is going on.

    But the real reason for my post was that I was going to respond about the cheats and the tiki head but while thinking of what I was going to write I realized what I think is really going on.

    They removed the tiki head so you can't cash in steps or fruits for trophies.

    What is the only other way to get trophies?

    Survival runs.

    You only get 2 tickets per day and 1 ad per survival run. This may not seem like anything, untill you bring the season events and pass in to the mix. The only other way to get trophies are the mission boards, the few you get for collection runs or the few from the Aku Aku quests. Collection runs and Aku Aku quests are not much, especially when compared to survival runs, and the mission boards are once per week. Which means if you want to complete the pass or get the good prizes on the leaderboard you would need a bunch of survival runs to do so. Possibly more then 2 per day. Which means you would have to buy tickets from the vending machine. The current prices are 1 at 10pc, 3 at 25pc and 5 at 40pc. Non ad survival run continues are 18pc and collection run continues start at 9pc. Also the skins at 60, 100, 200 or 400 pc. With all that those purple crystals will go fast and the only way to get more is to either wait until the the next day or...

    buy them with real money.

    It's seems like a way to force players to spend real money on the game.

  • tanusoskitanusoski Posts: 1 Newbie

    What has happened to the missions on CrashOntheRun! Last time I played any mission was in October for Halloween but everyday I go on and am waiting for more missions to play. I reached level 35 and have reached 200 power gem but the developers haven’t added anymore missions. I looked to see if I need to update my game for new levels any missions but nothing as yet?

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 384 Level 3

    I think they gonna add in next year. But b4 they add it they have to make sure everything works fine. A few S. Run bugs have been cleared.

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