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Seasons coming back!

Erika0811Erika0811 Posts: 2,805 Level 5
edited January 11 in Discussions

Does anyone know what month the seasons are coming back?

I miss winning the awesome skins (outfits) and having a good few weeks to collect trophies.

I also miss the competition! So many players have left and so many amazing teams have disbanded.


  • GrogyanGrogyan Posts: 125 Level 3

    How long is a piece of string

    we just have had zero information, we don't even know if the devs have decided to abandon the game or not

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  • nay410nay410 Posts: 71 Level 2

    Lol yeah @Erika0811 i don’t think there will be updates for a while it seems we have been abandoned!

  • SattorSattor Posts: 64 Level 2

    If there are new seasons, then I know what will be bad in them for sure.

    Have you seen what happened to survival racing? Instead of seeing the second ad, we now have to pay 18 diamonds.

    I created a new account and now I know what a boss fight looks like (by the way, the trend has already been in the new seasons). Now every even insurance is bought for 9 diamonds. Now we can not collect trophies at the same time in the basement and on the floors. Now, in battles with bosses, you can not die more than 1 time, otherwise the developers will require diamonds. With this in mind, I understand that developers will never fix script bugs.

  • SattorSattor Posts: 64 Level 2

    I also know that King's programmers are not qualified to add clan management functions. They will not be able to add a leader label to the team roster. They will not be able to make it so that the leader can transfer the leadership of the clan to another person. They will not be able to copy the words in the chat. They will not be able to auto-translate the chat. They won't be able to do a general chat for the state.

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 447 Level 3

    They are all basically just lying to all of us tolding that they all will add in a thing in 2022, so now it's 2022, they aren't even adding a thing, and they all are just focusing on the god damn posts for Facebook, @Pounawea PLZ ADD IN SOMETHING!

  • nay410nay410 Posts: 71 Level 2

    @ImNotProImanoob pounwea has been quiet 🤫 I haven’t seen them comment anything! Smh

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 447 Level 3

    They all are basically drunk. Thinking their game still working, but it's not longer working. I have quit everything. Even rated 1 star for emm

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