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PSA: Your Team is Ranked 0/You are on a Bugged Server, what to do?

hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 685 Level 3

My Team had the delight to make such an experience and the easiest way to solve this is by informing your Team Mates and make a new Team.

We telling the Devs, they said they did something, nithing happened on our end, we told them that, they said, "we'll look into this again" but in the end, all the communication was in vain.

We got nothing this week.

I don't want to encourage "Team Hopping", but if you notice that whenever you make Trophies you get an error Message and despite your internet workibg fine you can't see the Leaderboard while in your Team Tab your Ranked 0 (instead between 1-100 as usual) that's when you know to move on.

I hope this was a singular issue and the Devs were able to prevent this from happening again...

... But if you're stuck with that, tell your Teammates about this, organize to rebuild the Team and don't rely on the Devs to get it sorted out, especially in less tham 1 week.

This game has been always been problematic... giving out Rewards and resetting Trophies at the end of Seasons have always had issues for some Teams/Players and it seems none of this got really resolved so far.

Whatever Devs are left probably won't be able to help you out in Time, so best course of action is to leave the Bugged Team/Server behind and make a new Team.


  • Erika0811Erika0811 Posts: 2,801 Level 5

    I took a screenshot of this problem and i am sharing so people know what to look for!

    that was a painfully annoying week! 😒

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  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 447 Level 3

    This game really is dying, bad thing in this game really is happening and the developers dont even care about that anymore, @Pounawea PLZ ADD IN SOMETHING. WE WANT JOY WE DONT WANT A DEAD GAME

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