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is king really ruining the game with the new interface?

DanielProGamerDanielProGamer Posts: 1,058 Level 3

more and more people have received the new interface what do they think about it


  • DanielProGamerDanielProGamer Posts: 1,058 Level 3

    I have to fight with 4 additional bosses but still someone else got the ones with the old interface today?

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • Erika0811Erika0811 Posts: 2,799 Level 5

    If you are talk about me it just changed back to the new interface on its own! 😅

  • HawkodileHawkodile Posts: 23 Level 2

    I just got the new interface and I'm not really happy with it my biggest reason is I was right in the middle of fighting the bad Coco and that took it away I was making the remaining stuff to fight her and when I went in the game the next morning it had changed and I lost my progress.

  • DanielProGamerDanielProGamer Posts: 1,058 Level 3

    I hope and king returns us to the previous interface because the bad thing is that there is no new tiki head here and it also has a lot of errors

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 447 Level 3

    I don't think even if the developer change back the new interface to the old ones is fixable now. Cuz even if u returned the old interface ones I assume that ur Mission Computer is dying, and almost 98% of the game is broken.

  • MiamiCrash3MiamiCrash3 Posts: 186 Level 3

    The old UI is definitely better, I recently got the new one this week and I would say it is a downgrade.

  • ImNotProImanoobImNotProImanoob Posts: 447 Level 3
    edited January 22

    So what can the developers or moderators do now to fix their game?

    1) Remake everything and make the game better.

    I do hope the devloper knows what happening in this game now. And i havent heard anything from their FB and Twitter page four days ago till now. And they promised us they will make this game way better in 2022. So if they basically remake everything, I assume this game will be better like edit the design of Crash and Coco or add in some Crash Bandicoot Characters. Even tho some bugs or crashes will still be there but ik King will make it better with this broken 98% game. And even fix the Mission Computer to normal 200 gems.

    2) Continue with the new interface, and add back all the Coming Soons and Islands, the labs stack and the Tiki Head.

    Since they stop working on this game last November 2021, they have keep in this new interface for about 3 months now, so how about this, keep the new interface and remove the old ones, and make the new interface looks like the old one so we can proceed to Tiki Head, labs, chicken coop, and all the Coming Soon's that havent even opened yet. With this we players dont even need to be mad, we all can just enjoy the game, with the moderators add least add in some coming soon, new seasons such as the Mdm Amberley ones, and ofc some new boss and missions to go. And this game will ofc be better than all the running games I played out there! Even better than Subway Suffers.

    Which one (1 or 2) do yall agree with? If moderators can even come here to answer I predict they will understand our feelings and the game problems now. Including @Pounawea. We know yall moderators or developers can make this game better.

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