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Several ideas with awards and levels

Vov4ikFXVov4ikFX Posts: 152 Level 3

It would be interesting for fans and in general it would be cool if you added the ability to fly a Jet Pack in some cosmos level or it would be an additional challenge for a crystal, such as "Catch up with Cortex" XD And also if you add daily tasks and achievements for as the game progresses, you would make my dream runner =)

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  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5

    About the first part i don't think we have any level with cosmos theme or anything similar so kinda hard to think if that would be a good idea. About the second part i agree with you, acheivements and daily tasks (and even some hard weekly tasks) would be cool since it makes the game more enjoyable and less boring.

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  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 15,581 Legend

    This idea will be declined! ⚠

    Hi @W35Gamer,

    This idea will be closed as there's more than one idea on here - The team need to keep all ideas separated in order to see how many votes each get and evaluate how popular they are. Therefore, remember to keep one idea per post and to add a very clear title!

    Feel free to reopen an idea for each of the ones you've mentioned here.

    Hope you understand... Have an N. Sane day!

    See you in Wumpa Island!

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 13,000 Community Manager

    Hi @Vov4ikFX and thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

    As @MightyWolf mentioned, this has now been closed - Since our friend @W35Gamer opened a new idea regarding achievement and tasks, you can add your vote here instead 😉

    If you have more suggestions, feel free to open a new Idea - Just make sure to add an idea per discussion.

    Thanks guys and see you around ✌️

  • AnonymousBandiloverAnonymousBandilover Posts: 310 Level 3

    Pretty good idea, but I think it would be hard. See ya when I see ya!

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