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Someone On My Team Got The Rewards For The Dingodile Event I Did Not!



  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 8,200 Community Manager


    I will need your Game ID (you should find this under settings) and also your friend's game ID again as I can't seem to find it so I can ask the studio to have a look at this.

    Thanks 😉

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  • Raja123_KingRaja123_King Posts: 98 Level 2
    edited February 9

    @QueenB My Event Is Gone Too! Same Thing Had Happened With The Dingodile Event

    My Game ID: 12221694529

    Ask The Team To Add The Dingodile Rewards To My Account! :) I Was In 1st Place

    Also Ask Them To Turn the Event Back On

  • SectviSectvi Posts: 17 Level 2

    Thank you for the quick response @QueenB

    We truly appreciate it.

    My player ID: 12178837843

    This is my friend's player ID: 12274019211

  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 8,200 Community Manager

    @Raja123_King @Sectvi

    Thanks for the details guys... I've passed these on and waiting on a reply. I will let you know once I hear back from them 😉

  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 8,200 Community Manager

    @Raja123_King @Sectvi @КRОТ

    First of all, thank you all for being so patient and cool ☺️

    I'm afraid because of some technical difficulties in which the studio is already working on improving, we won't be able to send you the rewards from these events however, the team did send you all a gift to your game as a token of our apologies.

    We need to know if the gifts has arrived so please keep an eye on your Purple Crystals.

    @Raja123_King about the Shiba Crash Skin that you're missing... We're not able to replace this but you should be able to use Crystals to purchase it back.

  • Raja123_KingRaja123_King Posts: 98 Level 2
    edited February 10

    @QueenB I Opened My Game Opened And Said This

    Another Problem Clicked Continue And It Added Nothing To My Total. Also The Shiba Crash Skin Cannot Be Bought As It Was An Event Reward I Should Have Gotten. Can You Ask The Team To Activate The Dingodile Event Rewards On This Game ID?

  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 8,200 Community Manager

    Oh man, we thought that would work 😥

    Okay, I'm reporting this back and I'll ask about the Shiba skin 😉

  • Raja123_KingRaja123_King Posts: 98 Level 2

    @QueenB Thank You So Much Even Through All This Your Willing To Help :)

  • SectviSectvi Posts: 17 Level 2

    @QueenB both me and my friend got the notice but was never credited. Just disappeared after we clicked it. So we aren't going to be credited our rewards? I've honestly put time into the game and having alot of fun while it worked. But with complete respect I think I'm going to have to stop playing for now until these bugs are worked out. I think my score shows how much I put into the games, but I'm not interested in winning rewards for other members while they do nothing and I don't even get the rewards at the end. Sorry my gamer rage wont permit it XD

    (Ha ha)

    So thank you to the team for trying to work this out and sorry to the Canadian Bandits team... I will not be running anymore so now is the time for you to pull up them socks and start running to keep that score up. Good luck everyone and have fun!

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