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Game serves no purpose and no rewards to players?

Race2DeathRace2Death Posts: 21 Level 2

Right now my team is in 3rd place and I am the leader of it. We are the America Team and it seems to me that these so called competitors on other teams are cheating so much that there is no point in even trying.

1st off survival runs are eating away tickets for every advertisement I watch which is stupid cause I have spent money on tickets.

2nd off colored gems serve no purpose and time relics serve no purpose which is very stupid considering that all crash games they have served a purpose and it was not for bragging rights. You get absolutely no reward for doing them except for after completion of colored gems redoing the challenge you are only rewarded 2 purple crystals which feel like a complete joke considering skins cost 60 to 400 purple crystals.

3rd off you took the concept of most mobile RTS and IDLE games and make people wait ridiculous amount of time crafting weapons to go through and defeat bosses and minions. I want to enjoy the game and be active not wait forever for resources and weapons.

I feel like this game could have been way better, but it feels like a cash grab kind of game just like every other game on mobile. Sick of wait time? Money. No materials? Money. Skins with bonuses? Money. Like come on, I'm not trying to spend a grand or more to beat the game, this pay to win stuff has got to go.


  • connorcerealconnorcereal Posts: 27 Level 2

    i definitely agree with you, the leaderboard cheating stuff is super annoying, especially to the people who actually put in real time and effort. i also think they should do something with time relics and gems, since they literally do nothing at the time of writing.

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  • Race2DeathRace2Death Posts: 21 Level 2

    I honestly don't even want to move onto the next level, I have 44 power gems, and the boss which is Dr. Neo Cortex as an ice character literally takes 13 Nitro Bombs, 1 Frost Ray Gun, And 2 Nitro Bazookas. It's killing me trying to collect all the resources and make this crap, while gathering resources with bonus skins. And my Silo can only hold 450 material the next upgrade cost parts that are for the next power gem level which is 45 I believe or I hope. I've been grinding for hours and I feel like this all going to be for nothing. It bugs the crap out of me on how unstable and unbalanced this game is.

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