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Fix cheaters/hackers issue before implementing competitive pvp seasons and team ladder game modes

Ukhio Posts: 3 Newbie

So in my season shard 2 teams (Syria and Tiny Tinies) were top teams for whole season, and now we have around 45k trophies each.

2 days ago a new team with a weird name appears out of nowhere and takes n1 spot in the ladder with 90k trophies!! So I went to check the team (not even 30 members lol) and saw that one member (named K) had more trophies (80k+) than the sum of all the trophies of the other 2 top teams (Syria and Tiny Tinies) all together with 30 members each!! This is hacks for sure and pleasae fix it ASAP, because if this is not fixed we wont get top rewards of this season.

I reported the player for abusive behaviour and suspicious activity and some members of my team, but until now the player is still there with his trophies and the team is still on top1 in our season (team has 90k points with 1 member holding 80k+ trophies lol). So until now nothing has been done about this issue and we might not get first place because of this.

I am really enjoying the game but I must ask the question: Should season competitive gameplay be implemented already? with better rewards for better teams with more trophies??

We can see that lots of people are cheating, hacking and glitching trophies numbers to get advantage in season rewards, and I know this is a very recent game and a lot of things will be fixed and content introduced, but I think before implementing competitive PvP gameplay and Team ladders for the best rewards these kind of behaviours should be impossible or atleast people should get banned a lot faster than they are, but we can see it everywhere in all season shards. Player and team have been reported 1 or 2 days ago and now season is ending and they still take top1 place.

Keep in mind that if hackers get away with these behaviours, it will not only encourage more people to hack and get better rewards, but will also discourage honest players from playing the game.

Thank you very much


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