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** Edited by CM - Unsupported Language **

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    Hello @Saritah29! 👋

    Welcome to King Community & to Wumpa Island! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️👑

    If you play Crash On the Run, join this game's discussion and contest: Find out your COTR name HERE | Earn badges and Purple Crystals in Aku Aku's Challenges HERE 🏆 | Come and join our first Wumpa Olympics & win Crystals HERE **Link Coming Soon!** ✌️

    To learn more about the Community and read the House Rules, go ahead HERE!

    **I will close this idea due to Unsupported Language**

    Unfortunately, "as in Community Guidelines" this community is only support English language at the moment for everyone to communicate and understand better. Please come back and post your comment again in English through this link.

    Have a nice and safety day!

    See you in the island... 🍇

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