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Controller support!

rikkyroorikkyroo Posts: 12 Level 2

We all know that a huge amount of players are coming to On The Run from other Crash games which have historically been a console game. Being able to control Crash with a controller would be highly appreciated by a ton of players, and might even lure some to the game who don't play it because of the platform.

It wouldn't have to work in menus, just in the actual gameplay. It would be really cool to have this with the classic mapping.

Personally, I've been so addicted that I ended up with a sore thumb and have had to take a break. A controller would fix my issue.

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  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 15,581 Legend

    This idea is declined... ❌

    @rikkyroo - I have to close this thread due to duplicate ideas!

    Next time, check if your idea has already been submitted in the ideas section HERE, if not, go ahead and post your idea!

    Also read this discussion before submit any idea HERE!

    Hope you understand, have a great day!

    See you in Wumpa Island... 🍇

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