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how to distinguish a bug abuser from a normal player?

alebertealeberte Posts: 3 Newbie

Hello All,

in the last few days some players have been eliminated the number of trophies in the clan, but the real question is, how do you distinguish a bug abuser from a normal player who is simply playing a lot? by the number of trophies ?? I can understand someone who has 140k trophies maybe you have a suspicion but on people who have 30k it doesn't seem like a good excuse, don't you think too? and instead the clans that have made themselves smart and therefore have all the players at 15k trophies despite using the bug as you report them? this ban mode has two weights and two measures and does not punish everyone.

in my clan we have had two banned players with 40k and 30k trophies each, while the top players in our league all have 15k trophies, do you think they are playing fair?


  • DragonitedDragonited Posts: 3 Newbie

    I have seen a lot of people complain about trophies numbers. Most of the time it is cheater behind these high boosts in trophies gains but not always someone who plays whole day can make +2k trophies daily no problem.In some of these topics people complain about level too. Level doesn't matter because you can farm trophies in the first unlocked explore area over and over again and it takes you around 30 mins to get 200 trophies. Even if someone glitches and stays at reasonable number you cant realy tell they are using glitches but people with 100k+ trophies should be easily spotted and banned.

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  • alebertealeberte Posts: 3 Newbie

    in fact our 2 players do not have a low level and have a fair amount of gems and yet both have been banned, just because someone reported them back, in my opinion the rules of banning people must be reviewed, because it is not that if one reported because he has few trophies must have won it all the same. because there are clans that all have players with 15k trophies and sure some of them use the cheat but since they are with an acceptable number that's okay, I require an official verification.not to mention all the bugs in the game, which make you lose your steps, it has been 5 days that I have not given the free ticket to the race and does not show me the videos when I die in the races

  • HalkelHalkel Posts: 18 Level 2

    All these mentions of numbers being shot down is worrying me since I'm the only one in my clan to have a 5 digit number (currently at Sub 20k), and not one of those trophies have been gotten by cheating. I don't even know what this "trophy glitch" I've been hearing about even is, I don't even want to know about it either so don't tell me. Do they check if there's any suspicious trophy grinds that don't seem legit or do they just go by the player who reports them?

  • Reilayne92Reilayne92 Posts: 547 Level 3

    Same I had to go on slow paced right now, even I don't have mood to buy tickets for survival runs

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 667 Level 3

    Okay, so that’s a thing.

    Guess clearing the Missions of Oxide Rightaway this Time was making me "Suspicious"...

    So yeah, I know the Amount of Time I put in the Game is unhealthy, it's Basically almost running 24/7 (Unless my Phone acts up and kicks me out or I sleep), still I was only good enough for 2nd place with my recently reached 40k.

    I really put a lot of effort in, 1st place has a bunch of people at 10-15k, so I guess they knew it, but then their leader makes like 8k in one day and everything is fine and dandy for them I guess...

    My Trophies make roughly 30% of the Team because I am OBSESSED with the game, I try my best to help finding Bugs and Glitches and Report them and that's what happens.

    System just says "Nope. You can suck it."

    Now I really regret buying the Pass for money. I show passion for this game and the game shows me a Middle Finger in Return.

    Feels bad...

  • Greenalien22Greenalien22 Posts: 4 Newbie
    edited April 9

    Is there anyone from King trying to fix this though? It really is a let down that fair players are getting banned for no reason. I literally got banned yesterday for just having 24k trophies. Now, the other team my clan is fighting against also has a player with 20+k and they can still claim trophies? Yeah, totally not fair .-.

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5
    edited April 11

    Hey there!

    So right now the anti-cheat system is not 100% accurate so it's most likely to miss some people that cheated and on the same time accidentally zero innocent players. This is most likely one of the top priorities that they're working on now so no worries! In the next few patches we can expect a really good anti-cheat system.

    Edit: I don't think it's exactly a anti-cheat system working alone that is shadowbanning the players. I do believe it might be or:

    A) (Most likely) Anti-cheat highlights potential cheaters and the team look at it to see if there was exploit or hack used.

    B) (Less likely) Anti-cheat highlights potential cheaters and is also predetermined to ban only players that get a too absurd amount of steps/wumpa/trophies, like 400k steps in a day, or 1M wumpa fruit in a day, or 50k trophies in a day.

  • alebertealeberte Posts: 3 Newbie

    Hi All,

    @W35Gamer I understand the anti-cheat issue and we all appreciate the effort you put into finding people who use cheats, but first point a glitch is not a cheat, how do you find it? second point, people who have legitimately made trophies and been banned what do you do with them? now this season is gone and will be seen in the next one, I need more details for my clan, and for the 2 people of my clan that have been banned also for all the clan i nned to know, if you want i can put here the 2 ID so you can control again the players, and not apply a ban only based on high number of trophy,did you agree with me?

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5
    edited April 11

    Hello again!

    So a "glitch" (which is more commonly used to visual bugs, like textures missing or flickering) is indeed not a form of cheat, but exploiting the game mechanics to obtain unfair advantage against players that are playing legitimately is considered as cheating, and the team can see by checking on their recent logs to see if there was indicator of exploit.

    And about players that were shadowbanned but were innocent (false positive issue) all they had to do is to write a report here on the community so I can forward that to the team so they can do a deeper check to see if it was a actual cheater or not.

    About how the shadowbans work, I have no idea what exact criteria the team is using (because I'm not a developer, I'm only a moderator of this community). I don't have any control of who is going to get banned and who isn't, I can only forward the reports on the community to the team so then they'll look at their accounts.

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5

    If you or any other of your members were shadowbanned without cheating or exploiting, reply tagging me with your player ID so I can forward that to the team.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 667 Level 3


    I just hope that the Survival Tickets, Wumpas and Steps I'm currently hoarding won't count as "Suspicious Actions" once I get unbanned and can contribute to my team again...

    Because that will be a lot of Trophies in a short amount of time, so it better not trigger the System again.

  • AbriumAbrium Posts: 278 Level 3

    @W35Gamer , sorry to bother you. But i'm wondering, after all these floating problems within this game ( lol its just never ending for now ).

    You've must be really worn out from going through all of it. I just wanna wish, you would be doing alright until today 👋 Hope you are fine as well too.

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5

    Hello again!

    So what I think it happens is the team don't instantly ban you if you get a high amount of trophies in a short amount of time - since I believe what happens is the anti-cheat is more to flag (highlight) the players that get a very high amount of trophies in a short amount of time, and then they'll check to see if there was some sort of exploit used or if it's a false alarm. But since we're on a sea of cheaters, hackers and exploiters including other people that are reporting other players that are playing legit, it might eventually result on a wrong shadowban of someone.

    Once they fix this issue about players being able to rack up steps in these special spots and the other hackers getting millions of trophies in a matter of seconds, I'm pretty sure that will be a much cleaner environment and false positives bans like that are going to be almost nonexistent.

    And no worries, I'm doing great! Hope you are having a great weekend too!

  • Greenalien22Greenalien22 Posts: 4 Newbie

    @W35Gamer Just out of curiosity, are these shadowbans permanent or only temporary? For how long do you think they will last?

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