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Sewer or Later resource death bug?

Race2DeathRace2Death Posts: 21 Level 2
edited April 9 in Support

Level: (Sewer or Later)

Part: (Alpha Part)

Took me hours to find some missing Alpha Parts on Sewer or Later! As soon as you take the path that leads to Alpha Parts, at the check point box where the next area has upper railings, middle floor, and and underground floor. 2 boxes don't appear on the upper railing until you die and run back through the area starting back from the check point box. They don't appear there the first time you go through or how many ever times you want to go through there. I'm still having troubles finding the last one or what to do to collect it, and it bothers me that I know that there's 40 alpha parts and I can only collect 39 with these bug issues.

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  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 655 Level 3

    I think one appears in the Underground path after Respawning, maybe you need to respawn more than once (I just did 3 Respawns to get all of them).

    I first go the upper path, than to the underground and keep going till I am at the Part with the Barrels where the Weed Materials reappear and Kill Crash.

    Then, I go around the Floor and use the Enemies to savely get the one on the Nitro (not necessary, just saver) and Body Slam between the others two to get the Single left and the right 2 Crate Stack in one go (these enemies only appear after Respawning).

    On the 2nd Respawn I go "Upper Railing" Path to get all of these crates (like you mentioned) and after that another Run in the Underground for the Last Material Crate (Spawns behind the Enemy on the Left before the Triple Nitro Stack).

    I think some of the Ice Berry Underground Passages might miss enemies before Respawning as well, but at least you can get all of the Materials since the Crates are all there.

  • Race2DeathRace2Death Posts: 21 Level 2

    Yeah I don't think I went underground after death so I'll try that out, but the problem is I'm carrying 100k (100,000) running points or converted it's 1,000 trophies and I don't want to risk losing it all over death. Before when I had 120k (120,000) running points or converted it's 1,200 trophies, I got distracted for 4 seconds and when I looked back down at the timer I was shocked the watch ad button was gone, I only had 8 crystals when it costs 9 to keep your running points if there is no ad to watch, and come back with level 1 Aku Aku, but that 1 second of shock cost me 1,200 trophies and hours of grinding gone. I want to be able to stack my running points safely and not die and lose them all. They should have made it to where running points get saved if collected, and how many running points you earned for that level be lost, but also make the timer like 15 seconds or so to come back to life with your running points and a level 1 aku aku.

  • KennyMccormickKennyMccormick Posts: 28 Level 2

    This is true you need to die in the middle of the alpha part path to spawn them.

  • Race2DeathRace2Death Posts: 21 Level 2

    Yeah it worked, but still these problems occur in other levels too. We shouldn't have to die or find a work around to collect the resources that you need in the game.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 655 Level 3

    Oh, I know THAT feeling.

    I sometimes overdo it with forced deaths to "Save Time" and skip doing a Whole Lap for Like 1 or 2 Materials in a Segment...

    But so far I always had the Crystals to save my steps...

    Usually I'd say "Just Convert them to be Safe", but I got hit by the Anti Cheat System, probably for having too many Trophies, so until that is solved I guess saving steps is what a lot of people will do...

    Too late for me though...

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5
    Accepted Answer

    Hey there!

    Thanks for reporting this issue to us! I will forward this to the CoTR team so they can acknowledge that issue and hopefully fix it on the next few patches!

    Accepted Answer

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