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Read this if you've sent EMAILS to support and can’t get through!

abunaiYoabunaiYo Posts: 105 Level 2
edited April 6 in Support

Support should have flagged this (well, and this should have been addressed by now, but they're just demonstrating over and over how not to run a mobile game's support system), but since they have not, I will try to help--

If you have contacted support, received an email asking for screenshots, and replied, but got no answer, your emails might not be reaching support. Their replies system has been broken for MORE than a week* but so far nothing has been done and they have not even announced this or clarified to customers. If you keep getting emails saying "we haven't heard from you, please provide the requested info" or "we're closing the ticket since you're not answering" or no reply at all, try these instead:

First, upload your screenshots to a service like imgbb (dot com, it's the one support will suggest you link VIA EMAIL, but don't do that! The attachments aren't the problem, they're fully not receiving some email replies, so don't bother unless you like wasting your time) and copy the links. Keep them handy!

Next, pick a contact mode (anything other than email!!

Live chat: king's main page has a contact us/support chat -- and I have to say, they've been unhelpful for my own situation, but probably the most responsive otherwise. At the top of this page, click the King logo, and from the main King page, tap "contact us" at the bottom, it will take you to the chat. You'll get instructions from there, but be careful if youre on mobile, its easy to accidentally tap options that pop up when you're trying to type a reply. They will walk you through. If you have trouble uploading your screenshots in the chat's system, use your links!

"Contact us" form at the bottom of THIS page: if you click the "contact us" link at the bottom of THIS page (or, I THINK any page other than the home page?) and make your request. Include the links of your screen shots.

In-game request ticket: try again thru the game, but include your links.

Lastly, except given support's performance, maybe firstly -- contact your app store's support and request refunds. This would likely be Apple or Google. King is non-responsive, slow, and generally inattentive in my own experience, so your best bet is your provider. Be prepared to explain what went wrong/why you want a refund -- and I would recommend being clear about King's total lack of support for these serious issues involving customers' money.


King's support, even after FINALLY getting screenshots, has been pathetic. I lost THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS to a glitched purchase screen, and STILL haven't received the forty dollar bundle I intended to buy. Two people had the nerve to tell me I had received everything I bought, but chat did admit I was overcharged but couldn't do anything but offer me the sum in gems. RIDICULOUS.

I've been offered THREE HUNDRED GEMS FOR THE TROUBLE. I'm super insulted.

*For the record, I say this should have been fixed or flagged by now to customers through the game, this forum, LITERALLY ANYWHERE because it's a huge issue many are obviously having, and Support has had EVERY opportunity to know since I personally flagged this Monday 3/29/21 when I noticed it was happening to me. But I did not get any actual, intelligent response (though I did get a couple really rude ones asking me to follow directions and cooperate or they couldn't help) from support until FRIDAY 4/2 when someone finally understood that I HAD been trying to email screenshots using attachments and links, but email wasn't working. Despite finally getting through, that guy asked me what I wanted him to do with the screenshots after I sent them through in-game support, and then never answered again after telling me he would flag the email problem with their "investigative team".

Chat asked me for more screenshots, told me they couldn't do anything about Apple denying my refunds even though they could clearly see I was overcharged, claimed they "felt for me" and if they "could have done more" they "would have" but no, King will not report the glitch to Apple, and they can't help me and basically hung up on me.

Yet another person in-game who is finally answering me offered me 300 gems for the trouble, but called the communication problem "tiny" and repeatedly insisted that since this game is new, glitches are to be expected. Mind you I am also missing thousands of steps, more than 200 gems because the app offers you and then TAKES GEMS for skins you already bought (yes sure I should have catalogued more carefully but it didn't even OCCUR to me as a possibility! I was just trying to buy all the skins), missions from this weekend even though I bought the pass, and oh yeah, THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. And to think I was just trying to support this game!


  • abunaiYoabunaiYo Posts: 105 Level 2

    @EdyDemon this is the thread where I have explained options for when support is not getting your emails. Good luck!

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • abunaiYoabunaiYo Posts: 105 Level 2

    No problem. I’m really really sorry you’re going through this too. I hope you get helped!

  • abunaiYoabunaiYo Posts: 105 Level 2

    @LizardDinner try these if you don’t hear back or if support claims you didn’t reply.

  • LanceCharlesonLanceCharleson Posts: 6 Level 2

    I'm really sorry this happened to you. 😔

    I had no idea the reason was the reply system was borked for a full week and also that was really a bug that ended up delaying my purchases (just got them today). No wonder my emails weren't getting through.

  • HalkelHalkel Posts: 18 Level 2

    I had a support ticket close because they "didn't receive an email" for some time, when I sent an email 3 days before it when they told me to reply the info asked for. I replied to them saying What the hell.

  • abunaiYoabunaiYo Posts: 105 Level 2

    They’re not getting your emails, try the other means like the website chat. They’re not going to get your emails :( it’s a huge problem

  • yzohyzoh Posts: 2 Newbie

    I second this and thank you for posting.

    Support has not been able to receive ANY of my email replies, so this is becoming a huge problem.

  • W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5

    Quick update everyone!

    Please tell to me now here if the support can receive your screenshots (make sure you had send the screenshots at least today otherwise it might not work) since I believe it got fully patched some hours ago.

  • NistenNisten Posts: 5 Level 2

    Thanks for pointing out the repeat skin offers details, I initially assumed they would level up or increase the skin bonuses each time you bought a duplicate but I'm not trying to buy duplicate skins with no value

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