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PvP Races vs Live Opponents (Like Sonic Forces: Speed Battle)

0t4kU0t4kU Posts: 10 Level 2

After doing some Trophy Runs, I though of something: Why do you only run against bots in survival "races" that they die in only one particular spot?

I think an actual PvP race similar to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle would be great for getting more trophies. Items can be picked up along the track in "?" crates, maybe similar to CTR items (missiles, bombs, N. Brio Beakers), or you could even use the items in the game already, like the Rayguns or Bazookas. Each of those would have different effects, Nitro does normal damage, ice slows you down, for example. On that note, PvP races would be even better in this game because everyone would have access to the same items, no character has an advantage or their own items, so it's entirely down to skill to win races!

First place would get the most trophies, maybe an extra item for winning 3+ races in a row, like you can get some materials or crystals, for example. An emote function would be cool to have too, before and after a race you could do like emojis of some type to show your gaming spirit.

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