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Correct Gang

cocoswirl24cocoswirl24 Posts: 309 Level 3

Cortex's gang seems a bit wrong. The gang consists of an Inferno Ant Drone, Inferno Crab, Frosty Araknid and Inferno Pink Elephant. But I think it should be a Nitro Lab Assistant, Frosty Lab Assistant, Inferno Lab Assistant and Electro Lab Assistant.

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  • Peti321Peti321 Posts: 666 Crash On the Run Moderator
  • cocoswirl24cocoswirl24 Posts: 309 Level 3

    @Peti321 it's because Lab Assistants are more fitting!

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 12,992 Community Manager

    Hi there @cocoswirl24 - Thanks for sharing your thoughts! However, I'm going to close this one for now as the Team is focussing on other priorities.

    Don't hesitate to keep sharing your ideas with us! See you around ✌️

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