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🤩 Fun Facts❗about COTR game 😜 AWESOME numbers🔢 & information that will surprise you 💡

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Hello my Bandicoot friends, 💕

Let's see these Fun Facts❗about our COTR game, Crash, Coco, Wumpa Fruits & many information that will surprise you... 🤩

AWESOME numbers 🔢⤵️


FUN FACTS about Crash & Coco Bandicoot.


🔸Crash's first appearance was in Crash Bandicoot (1996) game & his last appearance is in Crash Bandicoot: On The Run! (2021).

It is 25 years of iconic friends, foes & lands.

🔸Crash is Australian.

🔸His full name is Crashworth Cortex I. ❗

🔸His species is Eastern barred bandicoot. 💡

a very small animal as you can see

🔸He was referred to as "Willie the Wombat" for much of the duration of the first game's production.

This concept art of Willie the Wombat or Wuzzy Wombat, who would later become Crash Bandicoot. The tail was later removed due to the graphical limitations of the PlayStation.

 🔸Crash is the hero🦸‍♂️ made by the villain🦹‍♂️...

Crash was genetically engineered 🧬 through the use of Cortex and Doctor Nitrus Brio's  Evolvo-Ray.

🔸 Crash has a girlfriend💕

Before escaping from Doctor Neo Cortex's island fortress, Crash became romantically attached to a female bandicoot named Tawna, who was another one of Cortex's experiments.

🔸Crash has a family consisting of a sister (Coco Bandicoot) and a brother (Crunch Bandicoot).

🔸Coco dreamed of becoming a singer. 🎶🎵🎶

In the Japanese epilogue of Crash Bash, it is stated that Coco dreams of becoming an idol singer🎤. When her computer generates a holographic image of her future self as a matured music star, Crash briefly mistakes it for Tawna.

🔸Coco's Butter ‼️

Coco's obsession with recycling butter started from Crash of The Titans. ‼️

🔸Crash is a very emotional character who is quick to laugh and quick to cry.😜

While he has a danger-loving, fearless nature and loves a good fight, he prefers relaxing in the sun🌞 and rarely seeks out trouble deliberately.

🔸Crash has developed his fighting moves over the years into many and many distinct fighting techniques👊

In the beginning of the series, Crash's sole offensive maneuvers were jumping onto his enemies and a distinctive technique in which he spins around like a tornado🌪️, kicking away anyone or anything that he strikes. In later games Crash can expand his range of abilities by defeating boss characters. The expanded abilities include a powerful splash, the ability to jump while in the air, the "Death Tornado Spin"🌪️ (a variation of his spinning technique that allows him to hover through the air for a limited time), a bazooka that fires Wumpa Fruit, increased running speed🏃‍♂️, the ability to safely tip-toe on top of explosive crates, and the ability to jump at incredibly high heights. The games Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind over Mutant, allow Crash to further expand his offensive abilities with new fighting moves learned from collecting a magical substance known as "Mojo". In Skylanders: Imaginators, Crash has the ability to throw TNT crates, and can use his Yo-yo to bring in enemies to spin attack.


More Amazing Fun Facts:


💡Crash actually has a real bandicoot species named after him! 😮

Yes that's right, Crash has a bandicoot named after him and it's not just some critter at a zoo somewhere. It's an entire sub-species

Crash did so much to highlight the bandicoot species🐭 that when scientists discovered the fossilised remains of a previously unknown bandicoot, they called it the Crash bandicoot

💡Aku Aku was named after a restaurant! 🍔

Crash Bandicoot's guide through every game was a Tiki mask called Aku Aku, but the famous floating face got his name from a restaurant in Boston near where the 1st games developers worked. 

"The name Aku Aku comes from a Polynesian restaurant that resided near the Alewife T Station when Andy (Gavin), Jason (Rubin), and I lived in the Boston area," explained Dave Baggett, ex-Naughty Dog developer (and first employee). "It had a giant tiki statue out front and, as I recall, fairly terrible food."

💡Wumpa Fruit are Crash Bandicoot's favorite food! and a common object in all Crash Bandicoot games.

💡They're Wumpa Fruit, not apples!

Nearly everyone who played Crash Bandicoot thought that Crash had an insatiable appetite for apples. But it turns out that they're Wumpa Fruit. Not apples. 

The fictional fruit is kind of a hybrid between an apple🍎 and a mango🥭, though the Wumpa Fruit actually does taste like apples – (according to developer Dave Baggett) . 

💡The wumpa fruit is purple on the inside!

Their appearance is based off that of a mango and an apple, although their insides are purple instead of orange or yellow.

💡Wumpa Fruit juice is purple and sometimes orange.

In Crash Bandicoot and the N. Sane Trilogy, if players happen to leave Crash standing for too long, Crash will hit himself with a Wumpa Fruit,😂 breaking it apart which reveals purple juice.

In other games such as Crash Tag Team Racing, the juice used for the Wumpa Whip is orange instead.🤔⁉️


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