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Make Aku Aku make a sound when the invincibility is about to end

RacsoL_733RacsoL_733 Posts: 9 Level 2

Sometimes is very annoying that the invincibility just ends when you are between enemies or boxes, and you take damage for doing noting.

Make Aku Aku make a little sound, like a timer when is active, and go faster when it's about to end.

That, or having a second of invincibility after getting hit, to not lose 2 Aku Aku mask instantly.

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  • KsomkmKsomkm Posts: 40 Level 2

    I prefer something visual ( maybe the player turned the sounds off )

  • Habibi_IndoHabibi_Indo Posts: 7 Level 2

    This is good idea. Aku Aku power is 15 seconds.

    Another suggestion: Please reset Aku Aku power time when I am hit a new Aku Aku box when Aku Aku power still active.

    Aku Aku power have 15 second active time. Example: In 3 second before end, I hit Aku Aku box again: you better reset it to back in 15 second again. If not, I hit Aku Aku box for nothing.

    I hope you understand my English language.

  • MSupremeMSupreme Posts: 205 Level 3

    I think that Crash could glow (gold) for the last 3 seconds (1 glow at second). This way, the player will know that the Aku Aku’s effect is wearing off

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 662 Level 3

    While I generally like this Idea none of the main Games did that either.

    I know CotR can do things differently, but yeah, it's a staple for Crash that you have to wait till the invincibility wears off to get the next one.

    Well, maybe 3 Colors so its more obviius, a reverse Street light... Green, Yellow, Red then no more Aku.

    Anyways, either that or we need the Animation to be changed so it looks like it ends earlier but with the same invincibility.

    Snow Go is a great example of horrible placed Obstacle that is just out of reach for your invincibility.

    Also, very big yes to add 1 or 2 seconds of invincibility after you get hit with a Gold Aku... Tiny only needed one hit to knock him away because it apparently was detecting "more than one hit", but if I had a Normal Aku I wouldn't have died.

    Also, if you don't spin into a Stack if 2 Crates it's bonkers you lose Gold Aku completely.

    You can run into a Stack of Nitros and keep regular Aku afterwards, but an obstacle that would only make you dizzy without Aku's Protection takes both hits away?

    That's pretty unfair if you ask me.

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