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Tired of getting booted from teams

modemman11 Posts: 10 Level 2

I didn't have this problem in the launch event. Maybe I just got lucky since it was only 1 week long, but this event, I've been booted from 6 teams now. None of the teams mentioned anything in their description of any restrictions, nor did any team leader try to reach out to me in chat. I've tried reaching out in chat but am always met with silence. I'm always in the top 5 of contributors (out of at least 20), contributing at least 5k trophies. The one team I even had 30k trophies. I just log in and NOT IN A TEAM. For starters King needs to make it more obvious that you've been booted, since I could have kept going for days and turning in trophies to accomplish nothing, but they also need to make it so that the team leaders have to think twice about booting people. Give them some incentive to keep you.

With 5 days left in this season, I'm seriously tempted to just wait until 15 minutes before the season ends to join another team that's already in 1st place, just to get the rewards....

Anyone else have seriously bad luck? Unless it's King themselves removing me from the team. Is that a thing?


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