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Watch ads to partially speed up crafting instead of just purple crystals

GloInTheDarkGloInTheDark Posts: 64 Level 3
edited April 29 in Ideas

Some items take a lot of time to craft, and therefore it takes a lot of crystals to speed up the process. What about adding the option of removing 30 minutes from the timer if you watch an ad? With some kind of limit to how many ads you can watch per item, per day or whatever.

For example, since the Inferno Bazookas take 12hr, maybe you could watch 20 ads and bring the timer down to 2hrs. Frosty Bazookas take 6hrs, so you could watch 10 ads, and bring the timer down to 1hr. By not speeding up crafting until the timer reaches 0, and without the convenience of a quick transaction, it wouldn't make the option of buying crystals obsolete. This way, the game would benefit from more ads being watched, and those who buy purple crystals are still getting the upper hand, and so buying crystals is still worth it.

Edited to add: ads wouldn't play one after the other, just to make sure people are half-watching the ads instead of setting their phone down for 10 minutes and go do something else while a bunch of ads play. You'd have to choose to watch each ad one at a time. Click "watch ad", watch the ad, get brought back to the lab, where you can click "watch ad" again if you want to remove another chunk of time from the timer.

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  • NorthbreezeNorthbreeze Posts: 250 Level 3

    Sure it could work but I think you are forgetting the reason to why there are adds in the game. It's because companies think it will benefit their sales. If there as such a way as you suggest I', pretty sure 99% of the ppl choosing to get the adds will not watch them. They will simply start them, do something else for a while and then start another one = no gain for the company advertising. For ads to work they have to be randomized in a bit so that people are unaware that they will have to watch them.

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  • GloInTheDarkGloInTheDark Posts: 64 Level 3
    edited April 29

    True. But there's already a "watch ad" option for many things, like in survival runs if you want to keep going; in collection runs if you want to save your steps and get an Aku Aku; and for doubling up items collected in a collection run. And I'm sure at least 50% of people already don't bother to actually watch those ads either. So I don't see why this couldn't be done in a similar way.

    Ads wouldn't be directly one after the other, it should be: watch an ad, which brings you back to the lab, then click the Watch Ad button again, watch ad, go back to the lab, etc. (I'll see if I can still edit my post to include this, because I just realised I wasn't clear on that)

    Part of the reason I suggested having a limit per item was so that people can't bring the timer down to 0 with just ads, because then people would just craft and craft and craft, and there would be no benefit for anyone on the business side. People who want to bring the timer down to 0 would still need to use crystals.

    Of course, because this is just a draft idea, there's still lots of room for improvement 🤷🏻‍♀️

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