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Low Detail Mode

NewRorron11 Posts: 43 Level 2

Some levels such as "Sewer or Later" or "The Lab" are very laggy on some mobile devices, either because of optimization or because of the amount of detail that these levels have by adding elements such as electric rays or others.

Adding a Low Detail Mode could solve this by sacrificing detail for better a better rendering.

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  • Joey_YouTube
    Joey_YouTube Posts: 1,000 Level 3

    I totally agree with this idea @NewRorron11 , my mobile is kind of old and the overall performance is bad for it .

    VOTED !

  • hanautaBOB
    hanautaBOB Posts: 694 Level 3

    I agree.

    I did what I could by lowering the resolution in my phone's settings, while it helped in some of the not so busy areas, Sewer or Later and the Lab still have Areas with noticeable Choppy Movements/Lag/Slowdown...

    I'd prefer a "Low Performance Mode", so I can get back to high resolution in my Phone's settings and don't have to look at crates that are Blurry in the Distance that only get clear when pretty close to Crash.

    Some Stuff seems to unintentionally help like the Spear Traps in Temple Ruins and The Great Gate not going back to their default position if you do another Lap or some of the Bone Traps in "Dino Might!" staying in place, but I assume those things will be fixed and hopefully in a way that weaker devices don't have issues with them being fully animated all the time.

  • Skelly42O
    Skelly42O Posts: 84 Level 2

    No shadows would be nice

  • farboi
    farboi Posts: 103 Level 3

    They definitely should add an option to reduce the graphics. This game consumes too much of my battery and I would love to see if I can save more battery by lowing down the graphics.

  • Dimenzio
    Dimenzio Posts: 618 Crash On the Run Moderator

    That would be really nice, my device keeps burning while playing this game and thus battery consumption is quite high.

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