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Team/Clan Leader Can't Kick A Member On Last 48Hrs

Joey_YouTube Posts: 1,000 Level 3

I heared some players got kicked in the last 2 days of this season ( Final 48 hrs ) even by wrong or intentional kick which causes the player to not get season rewards 😥

This should be reworked from the developers 🤗 !

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  • MaCoPi
    MaCoPi Posts: 409 Level 3

    For players that have been in the team for most of the season I agree there should be some protection against being kicked out.

    For players that have joined in those last 48 hours just to cash in the #1 reward, the team leader should be able to kick those out because they haven't contributed to the result and only searched the teams that are on top so they can join them.

  • Joey_YouTube
    Joey_YouTube Posts: 1,000 Level 3

    Hello there 🤗

    Good thing we are trying to figure this one out from your point of view 🤩 , then there should be " JOIN REQUEST " that only can be accepted from leader/coleader in the team & protection granted for last 2 days in the season for all members 🧐

    Have a nice day 💚

  • Roshwerth
    Roshwerth Posts: 108 Level 2

    I give you my vote I agree that there is an option where you can accept or reject a request to join the team I am the leader of my team and English-speaking people have joined being a Spanish-speaking team to one that I accept that they are there Those who do not write or those who have not contributed almost any trophies, variety is good but bad in not giving support with any option would not hurt and if the language could be selected it would be more organic to have members from the same country.

  • farboi
    farboi Posts: 103 Level 3

    My leader gave us a goal of the amount of trophies we should have by the end of the season, and he even let us know wuth time that the people who did not reach that goal they'll be kicked out the day before the event ends. I kept track of who was active and who wasnt, and the last 6 members were not moving out of the amount of trophies they put neither did they reached the goal. I agree with his idea of reaching a certain goal to stay on the team because you put effort to get those prizes, you cant just be expecting free gifts without putting any effort or not playing anymore.

  • Roshwerth
    Roshwerth Posts: 108 Level 2

    Honestly, doing that of expelling members for not reaching goals is a bit unfair I will not expel anyone for not reaching a goal since what really matters is to participate and not win against someone who has won my team this season in my respected area. made to want to win, if I lose a season I will be satisfied that I try. It would only expel someone who does not play, never said in some way, it will expel the phantom members that are the people who have left or eliminated the game. said yes to give space to those who really play

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