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COTR PATCH NOTES 💎 May 3rd, 2021 Major Update **V1.20.42**

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Hi Bandicoots! 👋

We're released a new major update today on both Android & iOS and here's what it will bring... 🤗

So what's new? 🥭

🍇 Introducing Season 2: "Running Outta Time!" New rewards, new bosses, 19 new time-themed skins to collect. Each week, fight against a new limited time Gang, and many more surprises... Check this out... HERE!

🍇 Avoid the Noid! **This is a tie-in with Domino's Pizza, and will bring a smile to the face of many 90s kids**

🍇 We’re starting off the Seasonal Gangs with N-Tropy, Fake Coco, Tiny Tiger, and The Noid!

🍇 New Survival Run: Dino Mite!

🍇 Unlock the Beach Jungle and all its secrets!

🍇 “Dizzy” feature now only applies to crates and side collisions

🍇 Fixes, optimizations, and improvements!

What things that does not fix yet? 🥭

You will find the current known issues by going to that link HERE!

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