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Some changes to the way items are shown during collection runs.

MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 400 Level 3

While doing a collection run, the items you collect will be shown top left. If you don't collect anything for like a second they disappear. If you are doing the same run for like the 4th or 5th time in the day and are not really paying attention, sometimes you need to pause the game to check how many of a certain item you have collected to know which path you have to take. I would like to see an option to have them stay on the screen, even if you aren't collecting anything for a while. When this option is added, I think they should always bet put in the same order: Wumpa - Glow Bark - Nitric Fungus - ... - Bellow Pepper - A Part - B Part - D Part - O Part. Steps, since they show a total instead of level counter, shouldn't be shown in this section. I think it would be best to have them top center for like a few seconds.

Next I think adding some indicator for when you've collected the last of a certain material still in the level. This could be done by making the numbers another color like green for example, or by adding something like an * after the numbers. For most new levels you want to collect all of the new material, as most of the times you need those the most, adding an indicator you have collected all could save you a few laps checking every corner for more.

Right now, if you use a skin that has a 20% ingredient bonus, once you collect your 5th of that item it adds 2 to your total for that run. I think it would be better to show it as 5+1 so you can see exactly how many extra you get from your skin. The bonus trophies skins show the base amount as well, only adding them at the final screen. This also can be an option so you can choose which of the 2 ways you like more.

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  • MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 400 Level 3

    I believe they added something similar to my idea to challenge runs. In the challenge runs where you have to collect/destroy certain items/crates/enemies, if you miss one the number will turn red the moment the item despawns behind you. Making the numbers green for having collected all that are left in the level seems feasible.

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