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COTR PATCH NOTES 💎 May 3rd, 2021 Major Update **V1.20.42**



  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 670 Level 3

    Don't know if it's considered "a bug", but...

    Shouldn't the new Level be called "N. Sanity Beach"?

    I think it's kinda weird, especially since in Battle Runs on it it starts with aRendition if tze Crash Bandicoot Main Theme that is extremely similar to the one from the PS1 Original...

    I mean, in fact it's a Medley that goes through the Main/Title Themes of Crash 1, 2 and 3...but still.

    If it needed to be more different from N. Sanity Island to avoid Confusion, it could have at least been called "Crash Cove" as a nod to the Beach Track in CTR.

    But "Jungle Beach"... It doesn't sound like it's refrencing a Crash Level, but like itvwas a filler description that was forgotten to be replaced.

    Performance on the Material Run is all over the Place... so, I really hope the udea of a "Low Detail Mode" gets implemented, because I want to play the game without worrying about sudden input delays and frame rate drops.

    In theory, I like this Challenge Run, nice Music, Backgrounds and lots of explosives... So what's not to love?

    But the performance is a big downer.

    Haven't checked yet if any other small bugs have been fixed, focused on the new stuff for now.

    Oh yes, also the Battle Name of a Henchman was wrong during the Run. Supposed to be an Ice Thorn Thing, but it said "Nitro" during the Run.

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  • SmileyGuy²SmileyGuy² Posts: 153 Level 3

    Thanks for letting us know @MightyWolf as I'm sure I once mentioned before: I rarely know when my stuff needs updating so its appreciated :)

  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 15,586 Legend

    Bug reported... 🐛✅

    @hanautaBOB - These issues has been reported to the team already and hopefully they will going to fix it for the future builds!

  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3
    edited May 2021

    Start, left on the first division, then right for the exit. I smashed the wumpa crates near the exit and it blocked (still rotating the whole time).

    Had been forced to open options menu and exit after i collected all the .... plants for eggs (don't remember their name).

    Thank you for the tag and the news, by the way.

  • DimenzioDimenzio Posts: 608 Crash On the Run Moderator

    Thanks for sharing these patch notes. I'm really excited for the new season and the good time we will have together in the community ^^

  • Habibi_IndoHabibi_Indo Posts: 7 Level 2

    This is suggestion:

    Not everyone turn on auto update in their Google Play Store/Apple Store: so please inform us in your game to notify: "New update cooming: update your game now".

    I realize this update on 5th May just because the game keep allowing me playing with older version.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 670 Level 3

    I agree the game should Notify us when a new Update is available, but I hope they can make it so that you can still keep playing the Older Version...

    Since it happened before that the Game told me to Update and I couldn't because I was visiting my Brother and couldn't access W-Lan... And My Mobile Data is barely enough to keep the game from kicking me because I can't connect to the Servers.

    If this Message didn't lock me out of the Game, I could have just done a Few Runs while sitting on the bus, but thanks to that Message basically locking me out until the Game is updated, I had to do other stuff.

    So, yes to a Notification, no to making it instantly mandatory to update.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 670 Level 3

    This happened to me recently on 3 Different Stages, so best not to spin if you're getting Close to the Exit.

    Imagine doing a 6 Lap Run in the Lab and then you get stuck and lose all your progress of the Run...

  • Habibi_IndoHabibi_Indo Posts: 7 Level 2

    Ah thank you for make it perfect. Nice idea.

    Notify us when update available but keep let us choose to upgrade now or upgrade later. Your reply is perfect, hope developer read this.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 670 Level 3


    First, some good News... I Noticed that the Lab improved, it doesn't seem to have the issue with the Invisible Electrical Traps, which is good.

    But now, a Few Bugs I noticed...

    First off, Sewer or Later still doesn't work right with its Alpha Parts route... It's still the same as before with missing Material Crates and Enemies, but also for the first time ever I missed a CrateIn the Underground Passage!

    There is a Alpha Part Crate on a Ledge that you can only get by knocking an Enemy in others that sit on the wall to cause a chain reaction to get your Crate. However, when I did it as usual today (To check if the Later part is still bugged) it didn't work and I'm not sure why. The last enemy just didn't get close enough for some reason.

    I mean, if the game starts slowing down and my Phone struggles with it and it all gets choppy, some strange things can happen, however, it was running butter smooth while I was down there.

    In the new Stage (there it gets choppy a lot for me) it once happend that my Berry didn't blow up the Stack of TNTs, but only destroyed one of the many that blocked the Underground Passage... So, I died because the Gap was too small and when I tried to squeeze in by doing a Body Slam the moment I walked off the TNT into the Gap, I hit the other one in front of me and exploded :/

    That also made me notice that Revives don't have a Timer Anymore in collection Runs...

    Does that mean if Ads can't be used, we HAVE to pay Crystals if we have 9 or more?

    That change paired with "Dizzy only when walking into A wall from the Side/Walking into Crates" is pretty dangerous for Novice Players.

    I got to fight Tiny, but he did one Attack that cost me my Gold Aku in one hit... Is that Supposed to happen? I mean, the animation is glitched (the "Shockwave" of his Trident Thrust is for parts of it in midair for no good reason) and once I didn't dodge in time and got hit by it, suddenly, poof, no more Protection.

    The Material Crates in Bear it still decide to suddenly grow Icing on the Second Lap...

    And I found a Bug that causes the Player to take Damage when sliding on an unsuspicious part of the Level in Turtle Woods ...

    Early on then you walk on the Concrete Blocks after walking up a little Slope, if you Body Slam or slide anywhere on this Structure, you'll take Damage.

    The Last Issue I noticed is in the Great Gate, if you walk the Right Route First and later the Delta Parts Route, for some Reason one if the Spear Traps will extend all of its Spears giving you NO SPACE TO DOGE!!!

    Usually, those kind of Traps Glitch and stay Extended but still make their sound, but this one Trap is doing it COMPLETELY WRONG if you did a Lap on the Other Route first... thanks to the "No Dizzy" Change it will kill you if you didn't retain Aku from a Skin Perk or Revive, so when it was mildly infuriating before, it's actually a real issue now.

    I know most of this stuff is "Already Known"and gets worked on by the Devs, but I thought listing all the stuff that's still not fixed could be helpful, so other Players don't run into those issues unprepared.

  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 15,586 Legend

    To all players that have being stuck on teleporters in runs and not teleporting out of them. So far the studio were able to reproduce this, it is a timing issue with triggering an animation before you get on top of the teleporter.

    ⚠️ Warning: Players should avoid jump spinning or sliding onto teleporters. Although it might look cool and be fun to do, it can get the character stuck on the teleporter without a chance to get out with your stuff. Players have to manually exit the run and lose what they did collected!

  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3

    Thank you @MightyWolf for the info, i thought soo and i started to avoid animations already.

    About what @hanautaBOB said, i would like to add even an old one. In snow go there is a part where if you hit two crates at the end of one route (or only the above one that is an ingredient) sometimes you get hitted and lose aku aku or start to see the stars (the dizzy thing).

  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3
    edited May 2021

    Thank you @MightyWolf , i thought so and i started already to avoid animations before the teleporter.

    About what @hanautaBOB said, i would like to add an older one. In snow go there is a place where, when you go to hit 2 crates (or just the one above that is an ingredient) you usually (not ever) get hitted by something and lose aku aku or see the dizzy thing starting above you.

  • DuintalDuintal Posts: 150 Level 3

    Thanks for info @MightyWolf :))

    I think update is exciting, especially those weekly gangs😊

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