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⚡️🚨 Trophies between seasons didn’t reset

JuliaBandicoot Posts: 21 Level 2
edited May 2021 in Support

Hi there

I have observed that my team’s trophies were successfully reset after the end of the last season.

HOWEVER, trophies earned during the limbo between the old one ending and the new one beginning are contributing to our team score now. 

Is this intentional?

I would expect not, and that the trophy wipe should have happened at the start of the new season, not just at the end of the old one.


QUESTION: is a second reset of trophies incoming? If yes we should warn our team members to not start playing yet otherwise their new valid trophies earned since the season began might also be wiped when considered at the same time as the limbo trophies.


here is screenshot of my team at the start of the new season including trophies earned during limbo


  • JuliaBandicoot
    JuliaBandicoot Posts: 21 Level 2

    Also, here is a screenshot of the leaderboard my team is in only twenty mins after the season began.

    This seems like a huge and unintended advantage if trophies earned since the reset after last season but before the new season actually started, were to count.

  • Halkel
    Halkel Posts: 18 Level 2

    I think the limbo trophies are suppose to be included otherwise say you complete Battle Runs, those trophies would be invalidated. However, having those trophies early invalidates them from upcoming events meaning what you have and what you need for tier 30 prizes are not the same.

  • Skelly42O
    Skelly42O Posts: 84 Level 2
  • Finy08
    Finy08 Posts: 141 Level 3

    Hey @JuliaBandicoot ,From what I understand this "limbo" you mentioned was when you hadn't started the leaderboards for this current season yet, if that is the case your trophies🏆 WILL NOT BE RESETED AGAIN, if they are reset there probably was a problem, then contact the support team🛠, okay?

    Have a great day!!☀️

  • JuliaBandicoot
    JuliaBandicoot Posts: 21 Level 2

    Heya @Finy08

    the limbo time that I meant was the time between the previous season ending and the new season starting,

    during which time the season feature had the COMING SOON label.

    it already reset at the start of the limbo period, immediately after the season ended.

    seems strange for trophies that were earned before the start of the new season would count to the new season, so I was scared to start now playing in case there was a problem and all trophies were due to be reset again.

  • Finy08
    Finy08 Posts: 141 Level 3

    Hi @JuliaBandicoot ,It was exactly that period of COMING SOON that I was talking about, but don't worry, it is correct that the trophies 🏆count even after this "limbo" phase.

    Have a Great Day!!☀️

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