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  • RandomRandy
    RandomRandy Posts: 6 Level 2

    I noticed this as well. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or them trying to shake things up.

  • Dimenzio
    Dimenzio Posts: 618 Crash On the Run Moderator

    @MightyWolf It's great. I love the skins from this season's pass (will probably buy the pass) because they all look so cool, and I really enjoy the event gang with N. Tropy. Lots of new things 😄

  • farboi
    farboi Posts: 103 Level 3

    I think the way it is now is good since it throws you off your usual route. I feel like they spiced things up by putting you somewhere else, and now you have to find anew route everytime, which is good. I love the new update, but I hate the new bugs that came along with it.

  • hanautaBOB
    hanautaBOB Posts: 694 Level 3

    Well, I did involuntary proof with SCIENCE that the Stone things in Bear It ARE indeed Solid:

    So, if you want to use the higher Routes and see this Rocky Formation hanging low, get down or else you will die!

    Had a Gold Aku at the Time, but he was no Match against the Rock.

  • Vov4ikFX
    Vov4ikFX Posts: 154 Level 3

    The first thing that amused was Fake Coco XD Skins are very cool, Coco Gangster is love at first sight, Tini Tiger is funny and looks great) Ntropia is currently one of the most epic bosses, after her on my list of losers is Nina Cortex, Noid of some kind unpretentious, expecting some other tricks, although he is funny)) There will be a new seasonal gang every week, right?)

  • Vukonja
    Vukonja Posts: 24 Level 2

    lmao Noid, trying to get publicity by bringing horrible human past into the game as a henchman.

    Honestly more games should do this, use real life bad guys as evil bosses.

  • Dark_Hadrian
    Dark_Hadrian Posts: 84 Level 3
    edited May 2021

    Frankly, firstly I like a lot N tropy looks, Music theme and attacks. This is kinda the first hard boss to me in this game with eventually uka uka. Secondly, the idea of giving trophies for beating Seasonal boss is cool, but I wonder wouldn't purple crystals be better? Like, 5, 5 , 5 , 5 , 20. 5 for grunts, 20 for the band leader. Trophy are already everywhere in the game! Doing survival runs, converting wumpas and footsteps, collectable during grunt / boss battle, with the missions screen!!!

    About N Tropy, whereas I like the female design, I would like to see the male version as well. I refer starting mentionning it there, if Ngin will be added, there is an issue with the design shown in the trailer: he looks too young and the hairs are incorrectely placed, sticking to skull intead of going in every direction like sun rays on the opposite side of the rocket/mecha face. I really hope it would have a rock-funky theme kinda like N tropy but with the bass of N brio boss.

    Third point, it is important to ask easy to create weapons for your seasons bosses. Indeed, right now, the times erquired for infernal and oxidated weapons are abusive. Really; 12h for infernal bazooka, 20h for oxydated bazooka are a big no and they should have reduced time asap. Even 3h per infernal pisto laser or 5h per oxydated pisto laser is way too much considering how much are needed for each battle. I have 120 gems, it is now a pain and I don't want to continue playing seeing those abusive time, what is next, 2 day for a light flask?

    Now about the rewards, I this the rewards even for no pass are cool, through i would like to see more rewards to earn during the day by watching ads currently only 3 i think, 5 gems, gems blue flask then materials. I would like to earn eggs, bazooka and pisto laser thanks to ads watching.

    There is a big issue with your survival runs!!! They are all the same! Just copy pasted template: Always the segment with boulders, another one with paths in altitude, another one with tnt. Just play the three survival runs, you can easily spot that 3/4 of the run segments are just copy pasted.

    And god, please add more foes!!!!! I have enough of seing turtles everywhere D: really, can't you add dinosaurs or jumping spinning prehistoric fishes in dyno might, turtle with spike on their side in turtle wood, water segments with electric eels in sewer or later, bats in lost ruins, lizards in path to ruins. In addition of playing nostalgia card, this would make the level interesting. Currently they are way too easy, no challenge, no real danger, it basically just a switch lanes in loop and very rarely slide on ground.

  • Dimenzio
    Dimenzio Posts: 618 Crash On the Run Moderator

    Wow, this "pinstripe coco" skin looks really amazing. I would love to have that one 😍

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 306 Level 2

    Thank you very much for your feedbacks... 💗💞

    All of your feelings around the season and the new bug reports will be sent to the studio!

  • Dark_Hadrian
    Dark_Hadrian Posts: 84 Level 3

    I just forgot to mentions some little things:

    When fighting N tropy seasonal band sbires and band leader, I noticed there were N tropy related assets added in the levels: Gears, clocks, dowsing rods, magnets... and I think it can be cool, for any band leader on the boss computer to have related assets in its level: Tiny or roman column for tiny, some crystals or flam tank for dingodile, some potions or lab devices for n brio, so lasers for cortex... and so on, I just think those would add substance and atmosphere in the corresponding level.

    I was nicely surprised by the N sanity beach/ jungle theme because it is basically crash 1,2,3 themes. So I wonder, can't more original theme be used? Like giving choice to hear PS1 themes for the levels we already have. I just ask that because it shuffle me a lot, there is the crash theme and now the trilogy main themes, but somehow the bosses themes and levels themes aren't the ps1 originals?

    My last thing is bugs, isn't there sensed to be a beta tester before releasing an update? It is unbeliviable that such bugs as missing floor/ collisions in dyno might and snow go survival runs made their way into release.

    Ah yes and finally, I noticed there are new death animations: If passing under a boulders you are stomped, if caught by spider you are lifted with it to the sky... very cool those new death animation.

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