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Experience Of 10 Hours Run ( Same Level ) ! 😱

Joey_YouTubeJoey_YouTube Posts: 994 Level 3
edited May 2021 in Discussions

Hello Bandicoots 🤗

Hope you're having an amazing time 💙

Today we will talk about doing a long collection run and what it feels like ( experience ) to do one !

IMPORTANT : Before doing a long run ( +3 hours ) you need to have a good sleep the day before and your health is in a good shape because these two will affect you if you're not being careful about them !

Let's get in to it :

#1. Preparations : 

Make sure you sleep good and your mobile is good for long runs ( battery and cooling )

#2. Positioning :

The way you sit and neck positioning is very important for these kind of runs so you don't suffer any possible pain !

Also keep a good distance between your eyes and device .

#3. Marathon Begins :

Ready up the stop watch to keep eye on time and when to rest and have a break .

#4 Focus On Goal :

You must focus on the main goal so you don't feel tired or bored , nothing is impossible !

#5 Have fun :

Maybe it's a real challenge , but why not having fun while doing it , gaming is fun 🤗 .

Let's talk about my experience doing a 10 hours run in the same collection run level :

So i started at 10:00 PM and I was excited to do this one , I played some games for 24 hours but I have never played the SAME level for 10 hours !

After running for 2 hours , my hand movement ( Swipes ) is almost perfect and mistake free !

( Each 1 hour done , i rest for 2 - 10 minutes by moving in the room and stretching my fingers ) 

After reaching 4 hours total , my Focus started to get narrowed to only on the middle ( in front of crash/coco model ) .

By entering 5 hours mark , I felt happy to pass the half of the run ( 50% ) 😄

On the 6th hour of running I started to talk to my self and arguing and counting things ( crates / swipes / wumpas etc ) .

Now things get harder for me because I had no enough sleep on the night before !

After entering the 7th hour mark , I started to hallucinate a bit and when I'm about to crash a wall or trap , my body shakes a bit 🤣 , also when I swipe left or right , I see a shadow of crash following him !

8th hour is a struggle , it felt like 3 hours not only 1 , I was looking on wumpa counter most of time and steps !

on the 9th hour , I started to sleep and wake up sometimes , and the reason I wake up is jumping and swiping , forced my self to turn on news on pc and raise the volume !

by reaching the destination , I'm refreshed again and felt very good 😍

BUT I was exhausted and tired 😴😴

However , the next day ( today ) is interesting !

I feel little bit dizzy and brain fog , can't think of past or future ( focus is weak ) until now I'm feeling great again 🤗

Any question in your mind ask me !

Hope you enjoyed this kind of discussion 😁

Have a great time bandicoots 💚💙

Regards From JOEY- 🌌


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