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MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 15,586 Legend

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** Quick Patch Update - May 28th **

New Collection Run feature: Fast Run... 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Hey Bandicoots! 👋

Over the next week or so, some of you may notice a change in how fast Crash and Coco run in the Collection Runs. For some of you, the longer that you spend in a Collection Run, the faster you will begin to run!

We're hoping that this will introduce a little extra challenge for you and spice up your foraging experience... 😉


As you have probably already noticed, the speed in Collection Runs has been increased since May 27th. With this we wanted to give them a little "refresher"...

However, to our surprise, this change caused a little commotion and countless discussions about it have arisen. We can understand this very well as this is a big change and of course the players want to talk about it and give their feedback.

Unfortunately, the community are now completely overflowing with discussions about the new mechanics and it has become very confusing for all of us.

Therefore we decided to close all discussions on this topic, as of right now... 🔐

We ask for your understanding and wish you a nice day... 💕💞

Let us know here about your thoughts and feelings about this new feature!

See you in Wumpa Island... 🏝️



  • Denyae0203Denyae0203 Posts: 386 Level 3

    Something's Up

    Just went through turtle woods at Mock Speed 😁

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 409 Level 3
    edited May 2021

    It's great, this makes farming for weapons fun again!

    Edit: It should be an option though, the latter levels would probably be almost impossible to survive.

  • Peppi123Peppi123 Posts: 35 Level 2

    What happened?! Today, the races are taking place at a tremendous speed !!!

  • Peppi123Peppi123 Posts: 35 Level 2

    And even after the update, it is inconvenient to use the map. I enlarge the map for convenience, but after each race the map becomes small and small again, the enlarged map is not fixed. Very uncomfortable((

  • AbriumAbrium Posts: 278 Level 3

    Oh thank goodness, i thought my game is broken out of nowhere. Since when this thing make it into the game?

    And why is there no option to go faster or slow for running pace?

  • grampacrashgrampacrash Posts: 118 Level 2
    edited May 2021

    I LOVE IT!! I just whizzed through The Lab in like four minutes 🤗

    I even ran through turtle Woods voluntarily, which is saying something for me lol

    Was hoping the speed would transfer through to Crystal runs but no luck.. seems so slow after, I think the levels are at least double and perhaps even triple speed personally

  • Peppi123Peppi123 Posts: 35 Level 2

    This is a joke?) The programmers are confused, apparently. Because the speed does not change in the survival races, I walked in the survival race with a calm walking pace for 8 minutes. And in the races to collect ingredients I run around like a mad dog and my speed is just crazy, more than twice the usual speed! Any comments?

  • MrGrinch989MrGrinch989 Posts: 13 Level 2

    I love this too.

    I'm sure this will get patched but I hope they add an option to toggle the 1.5 speed on. It would make farming more tolerable.

  • shnozberriesshnozberries Posts: 4 Newbie

    Go to play the game today complete glitch out after downloading the new the updates.. And go to play.. And now I'm running 3x the speed making it very frustrating to play at all. It be on a thing if it slowly sped up during a level but its running like.crazy from the jump sometimes dying instantly from the starting points location ice spent a good amoumt of money on this game.cause I enjoy. But now I wanna delete it cause of this.

  • coolcutie43coolcutie43 Posts: 1 Newbie

    any plans on fixing this or at least giving players the option to go faster or slower?

  • leanna560leanna560 Posts: 12 Level 2

    Pharaoh coco seems to be going a lot faster. Is that what's meant to happen once you reach level 25?

  • rmc124rmc124 Posts: 6 Level 2

    My bandicoot is running his head off. This is surely not x1.5 the speed we had before. It's more like triple the speed and i keep.dyiiiiiing. please fix!!!

  • joaoppecurtojoaoppecurto Posts: 81 Level 2

    No. The new update did that at least to some players. People guess the new speed is 1.5x

  • Denyae0203Denyae0203 Posts: 386 Level 3

    Its awesome , more challenging 😊

  • lizzokalizzoka Posts: 4 Newbie

    i updated the game but mine isnt running fast like everyone is saying :( what do i do? i really like the idea

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