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Time Trials tips and tricks, from newbie to master!

W35GamerW35Gamer Posts: 1,374 Level 5
edited June 15 in Guides & Tips

Time Trials are time based challenges where the objective is to reach the finish line at the lowest time possible! There are a few new stuff you will notice in these challenges, which includes Boost Pads (green arrows at the floor) and crates with a number, which freezes your timer for 1, 2 or 3 seconds (depending of what number the crate is displaying). Depending of your performance you can get a Sapphire, Gold or Platinum Relic!

There are several different tricks and useful tips that can be used to maximize the time you can save in Time Trials, so I'll mention all of them by difficulty order.


Body slam -> Swipe up to jump, and then swipe down to slide while in mid-air to perform a powerful body slam! This trick breaks crates from both your left and right lane. You can also use body slam as an alternative to break crates vertically if you're holding a boomberry, since while holding a boomberry your character is not able to spin unless you throw away your boomberry. Did you also know the body slam breaks crates below you? If a crate is exactly 1 block below you, a body slam can actually break that crate too! Useful everywhere!

Spin Jump -> This is another very easy trick to perform, both orders are possible, you can start by spinning and then jumping or vice-versa! This trick is useful if there is a crate on the top and a TNT/Nitro on the bottom stacked!


Input Combination (Tip) -> There are several parts of certain levels where you need to execute a lot of inputs in a very short amount of time. Let's say for example, in one section you need to slide, swipe to the right and then jump. Instead of doing all three movements one at time, you can do a single swipe in a U shape, your character will automatically execute all three movements at that order! Very useful in a lot of different places.

Side-Jump -> This trick requires you using 2 fingers in order to do it. Let's say for example, you're in the right lane, and want to go to the left lane, spin and jump at the same time. In this case, you need to: 1) With your right thumb, swipe up at the right side of your screen. 2) While swiping up, do a single tap at the left side of your screen with your left thumb. Your character will do all these movements almost instantly! If you need to do the opposite, (from the left lane to the right lane) you need to use the left thumb to swipe up at the left part of the screen, and while swiping up, with your right thumb you do a single tap at the right side at the screen. This trick is useful in a lot of different places!

1.40 Update Patch, important! If you try to do this trick following the orders correctly but one of your hands is on the wrong relative height, it will mess up the trick. Depending of your device, the finger you're using to tap the screen must be above the area you're swiping up.

Side-Slide -> It works exactly the same way as a standard Side-Jump, the difference being instead of jumping, you'll slide. All other steps are identical. Useful to get 2 Boost Pads at opposite lanes and many other scenarios.

1.40 Update Patch, important! Same thing with the previous track, but since you're doing a slide trick, the finger you're using to tap must be below the area you're swiping down.

Side-Slide 2 -> There is an alternative version of Side-Slide, where you do the exact same inputs as a standard Side-Slide, but the difference is, instead of a tap after you slide, you'll press the screen and hold around 0.3 seconds or more to cancel the spin animation. Useful in a few scenarios where you're holding a boomberry. This can also be done with the Side-Jump.

Sidestep State -> This is another variation of the standard Side-Slide, but this one has a completely different effect. Instead of a single tap after the slide, you'll actually hold and not release. While you're holding, you'll enter in a Sidestep State, where you can change between opposite lanes much easier, all you have to do is to drag your finger from one lane to the other one. Once you release, you'll leave the Sidestep State. Useful when you need to change between opposite lanes very fast more than once.


Flick -> Flick is actually very similar to the Side-Jump! The difference is, instead of a tap while you're swiping up, you'll slide while swiping up. Everything else works the same way, like using your right thumb first at the right side of your screen and then the left thumb to change from the right to the left lane. Useful when you need to change lanes quickly but there's a hole or any similar obstacle in the middle, or when there is 2 crates stacked at the other side and you can't spin because you're holding a boomberry.

Side-Body Slam -> Alternative version of the Body Slam, but the difference is after swiping down and when you reach really close to the ground, you'll swipe left/right to change lanes! Really useful if you need to break crates at opposite sides but the middle lane is blocked. This trick is so powerful that even WALLS cannot stop you. [Pay attention to the wumpa fruit counter]

Long Jump -> This is a identical version of the standard Side-Jump. The difference? You need to be super, super precise - basically when you start swiping up, you do a tap approximately 0.1 to 0.2 seconds after the initial swipe. If done correctly, your character will jump way higher than normal. There is only one place where this trick is required to save time. Doing 2 taps instead of only one slightly increases chance of this trick working. This trick is really hard because any lag input can ruin the trick.

Alternatively, you can also opt for the Double-Jump, which is a much easier variation of this trick but doesn't have this massive jump like the previous had.

Double Jump (Medium) -> Consists of swiping up twice in very quick succession. If done correctly, you'll notice the front flip your character does is different, and the height of the jump your character will do is also increased. Useful in one section at the very end of Lost City, where there is three Nitro crates stacked below one crate.

Extra Tricks:

Underground Boomberry Throw 1 (UBT1) -> As the name says, It's a boomberry throw at the underground, without entering the underground section. It works throwing the boomberries directly at the holes, to use the hole as a path into the underground section, without yourself going into the underground section. The boomberry eventually falls there and if there are crates at that lane, the boomberry will break it. Useful only in this section for the moment. (This specific hole has very weird properties, that's why you see the boomberry "stuck" in the hole for a while)

(UBT2) -> Same function as UBT1, but this one use the properties of weird hitbox state while Crash is body slamming. In this case you need to execute a Body Slam and right after landing on the ground, you throw the boomberry. The boomberry can go below some specific platforms depending of their thickness. Platforms that are too thick will not work and sometimes will cause some unique effects after you throw the boomberry. Only works with Crash.

Ghost Boomberry -> It works doing the following inputs - you throw the boomberry, and as soon as your character starts doing the throwing animation, you'll change to another lane. If done correctly, the boomberry will also start changing to the other lane. Useful in this specific section, since boomberries ignore ceiling hitboxes.

Extra Tips:

Did you know that your character can actually jump over a 2 block gap without using Long Jump? It's actually random, but if timed correctly, you'll always have around 50~80% success rate doing that, since sometimes the character don't jump high enough.

Your character also gets invincible by a short amount of time after getting dizzy. Around 0.5 seconds to be more specific, you can freely hit Nitro and TNT crates and any other obstacle like if you just got the Aku Aku invincibility. Also, in this specific case, you can activate the countdown of the TNT without blowing it up just by hitting the edge of the TNT. But even if was a Nitro crate, the character would survive because of that mechanic I mentioned earlier.

And... We did it! Now you know how to do every single trick and other stuff at Time Trials, hopefully this was useful to you - if anyone have any other tip or trick to use at Time Trials, feel free to share it here!


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