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Mine (and your) Survival run tips and tricks

SmileyGuy²SmileyGuy² Posts: 153 Level 3

Looking for some tips, tricks and info on survival runs? Look no further. This guide will go over all the tactics that have worked for me in survival runs, and hopefully they will work for you to :)

What is a survival run?

A survival run is a fun little way to earn trophies and xp by racing against bots. The further you go the faster the run gets and the faster you collect more trophies.

My tips, tricks, and tactics:

1. Always go for Aku

It's well known that aku aku protects you from harm and its lucky he does, you should always try and get his crates but don't risk your life doing it if you see an aku aku crate on a different path just memories the pattern of where it is, you might die trying to get it.

2. Reviving

Reviving sometimes costs purple Crystal's (but occasionally you can watch an add) and you should know when it's worth paying those crystals. I'd say you should dont pay those crystals if you crash pretty quickly the odds are that today isn't your lucky day however if you can make it to 1st place with over 100 trophies and you crash, revive cos' the odds are that today is your lucky day.

3. Weak points

I've watched time after time and study that theres one place that the bots wipe out 74.5% of the time. Theres no name for it so I'll describe it: You bounce on a mushroom in the middle of the path between two pillars and the you jump and then you jump again into a 1 crate gap with a crate you have to smash to get through it and then in a diagonal pattern from high left to low right theres a gap which you can barely see and those boty bot bots should fall down, you must jump over it.

4. Best map

The map that you're used to most and know allot better is the map you should go for, you'll get more trophies out of it

5. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA (bit of an odd title I know but it'll make sense once you read on)

This tactic is slightly evil (😈) but it works. If you get a berry you can try throwing it at a TNT or NITRO crate when a bot is nearby and BOOM blow the bot up MWHAHAHAHAHAHA (now you know why the title is called what it is don't you).

6. Take the higher route

As you progress through the run traps appear to give an extra challenge. Bouncing on a mushroom onto a high path is a good idea as no traps are up their. However taking the high routes early on can be dangerous as you go at a slow pace and the bounce won't go as far - meaning you might crash into the very path your trying to get onto.

7. You guys' tips

Time for your say. Comment below with your tactics to help improve this discussion.

Hope this guide is helpful for you and make sure to have an N.sane time in your survival runs :)


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