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Team Cheated Stole 1st Place few hours before season end?!

ChroneofHeartsChroneofHearts Posts: 6 Level 2

@MightyWolf , Hello just wanted to flag what I believe is quite likely cheating through trophy exploits by Team members of Team 'LATAM RUN'.

My Team is 'Aus Track Stars' and we had been 1st on the leader board for the entire season accumulating over 1.2 Million trophies between all 30 members. A few short hours before the season was due to end it seems Team LATUM RUN had jumped ahead from their 3rd place position at roughly half the trophies we had, at about 500-600K trophies only, and gained over 600K+ trophies in the matter of hours to take 1st place ahead of us.

I onky woke up recently to find we had placed 2nd and my team members explaining what had happened in the group chat. Since I wasn't online at the time of the season ending, I unfortunately don't have recent screenshots of what occurred. However, I have my teams last trophy count displaying over 1.2 Million trophies and winning 2nd Place overall and an older screenshot showing our team during the season, Aus Track Stars, in first place with 2nd place being Team Wincups and 3rd Place being Team LATAM RUN. For team LATAM RUN to have surpassed both Team Wincups and our team, they would have needed to gain over 600K+ trophies in the closing moments of the seasons. This is extremely unlikely even for 30 members, and therefore I suspect one of multiple members from Team LATUM RUN had used trophy exploits to gain 600K+ trophies in the space of hours.

If you could please investigate this matter further and rectify this problem where possible as my team and I put a lot of effort and monetary finance into playing each day to gain all the trophies we did as a team and to clearly lose out to cheating is unfair and dishearting as you can imagine. I've attached the following screenshots I have, I hope this information will help to open a case resolving this issue.

This last screenshot is the only one I had previously during the season and is to highlight the gap between 1st place which we maintained for the entire season and LATUM RUN who maintained 3rd place for the entire season until the very last few hours gaining 600K+ trophies surpassing our trophy count of 1,213,181.


  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • DjapeDjape Posts: 8 Level 2
    edited June 7

    Aren't you guys the team that was always keeping an empty spot in your team, and would kick those players who join, once they contributed a couple thousand trophies? Apologies if I'm wrong, but karma can be a beetch.

  • ChroneofHeartsChroneofHearts Posts: 6 Level 2

    Thanks @MaCoPi hadn't realised at the time but very glad we got this information to them now. I just hope they can resolve it.

  • Reilayne92Reilayne92 Posts: 547 Level 3

    I'm sorry to say that, only people with level 35 and above were allowed. Hope you're not the one inside the cheating team though the way you defend it😏

  • DjapeDjape Posts: 8 Level 2

    I am not defending the cheaters, any kind of cheating should be punished in the most severe way possible.

    It's just that whenever I was browsing through the teams, I would always see the Aus Track Stars team there, every single time, with 29 out of 30 members. So this whole thread is just way too ironic, if they really did do the things that I wrote in the previous post. Again, I apologize if this is not the case, and I hope they get their first place back.

  • RoshwerthRoshwerth Posts: 108 Level 2
    edited June 10

    It is the same team that I comment on my post :(

    They are converting the healthy competition to an unhealthy bot competition, the developers should do something with that team, it can't be that every 5 or 30 minutes it goes up like that, I get it legally every 1 week and I only get 30,000 for every 6 days of the week more or less

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