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Patch Notes 1.40 πŸ‰



  • ErikVIErikVI Posts: 24 Level 2
    edited June 8

    Ok, as it seems based on my deleted comment above(by somone;)), when u have nothing to say, u only delete the comments of others...

    I will not be rewriting all over again just to mention the obvious what even the most of us who can use brain know here, I validate my time much more then having a pointless arguments here with u,

    but let me summarize the fact here, and the fact is, the survival runs ARE broken and it is not a problem of ONE device, but manny!

    As visible on posts here, reddit and also team chats... when 8 out of 10 ppl are reporting me the same thing we all experiencing,... it is not a problem with one device, man, but more over in the code of the game itself...

    So please dont tell me here how optimizing hard is... That only irritates the ppl who spend their money for this game in good believe it will work...

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  • MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 403 Level 3

    Woow, there is some real talk going on here! Now let's see if they read this and listen or just ignore everything like they do with most complaints! This could be a difference between having a healthy player base for ~6 months or years to come!

    The choice to not implement a confirmation pop-up for the slots in the labs/coops and choosing to only compensate players for making one single miss-click which can cost players up to 395 Crystals is just rude! Only compensating players once to avoid abuse while it would take a few minutes to just add the confirmation button that is already in the game in other places is the worst logic I've seen in a long time and unacceptable!

    @hanautaBOB I believe it's the hitbox of the body slam that is of by a very tiny margin. I remember body slamming in between 2 crates and only shattering 1 maybe 2 or 3 times. It probably happens a lot less because of how much larger their hitbox is plus the fact they are stationary.

  • Reilayne92Reilayne92 Posts: 547 Level 3
    edited June 8

    Simple mechanics are easy to fix, but we've been ignored for almost half a year...wish they give an update earlier to compensate that.

  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3

    @ErikVI i can assure you that before the season 2 i hadn't problems with survival runs. To try to fix the issues people had, now i have the same problems most were complaining about.

    Anyway, counting that you valutate your time more than arguing with someone like me - without a brain based on what you wrote -, then you clearly know everything and how coding works. Maybe like someone already wrote you think that "simple mechanics" are simple to fix. Would have liked to see how you would have coded a simple calculator, but of course this is a joke for you, and you will waste your time for a thing like this.

    Is ever funny read these things. Thank you.

    Feel free to think what you want, you as who may think a "simple" thing may mean "easy/fast" work to do/fix it.

    Just a note, this doesn't mean i'm ok with all has been done. Clearly the studio and i have different priority. Still you can't complain if they are taking time, especially when you subscribe for the "meet the studio team for coco voice" event. People cannot split in two. If they do one thing they cannot do something else. On top of that works with screenlight for many hours is not so fun as someone may think, just because that someone use cellphones/pcs to play/relax only.

    @MaCoPi there is definitely something weird with the slam. Before the season 2 update i never missed the sewer or later chill berries. Now i do. I will see with the next update (season 3). Clearly try to fix some issues may mean more bugs. I thought even about why the great gate gem run isn't out yet? Bugs? Not designed? Who knows. I'm giving them time...everyone deserve at least a good amount of time. I think 1 year or near it is a good amount.

  • RenChaoRenChao Posts: 24 Level 2
    edited June 8

    Can anyone tell if there is anything new to use parts for (like a storage upgrade) in this update? My localization is still not done and I don't know if part hoardin is in vain or not.

  • MatuskopogamerrMatuskopogamerr Posts: 7 Level 2

    ItΒ΄s been a day and i still donΒ΄t have the new uptade

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 13,000 Community Manager

    Hi guys πŸ‘‹

    The update is not yet available on iOS - For now, it's only ready for part of Android players. The reason behind it is that the Game Team wants to make sure there are no unexpected issues before rolling out to everyone.

    But don't worry, it's gonna get to you πŸ˜‰

  • La_MangousteLa_Mangouste Posts: 21 Level 2

    Ok, that's why I don't have the update yet then. 😢

    Can't wait to get it anyway (and start season 3). 🀩

  • KorbenDallasKorbenDallas Posts: 8 Level 2
    edited June 8

    The same problem, you reach the bar + - 400 trophies, the game closes, the ticket is taken away, and the trophies evaporate, 15 minutes of the game is empty. This was not the case before. It's about version 1.30. Maybe this has been fixed, it is necessary to test.

  • Samu92Samu92 Posts: 178 Level 2

    I'm Android with Xiaomi but I don't have yet update 🀣

  • El_Mercader_XEl_Mercader_X Posts: 27 Level 2

    there are still very noticeable and new flaws! dino might in survival is no longer there, maybe it is because they could not fix it in the end, the new bug that if you reach 400 trophies in survival the game quits, losing the collected and the ticket, the lack of a confirmation poster before a purchase to avoid accidental purchases and save the hassle of both the player and those of technical support, And Worst Of All !!! There is still excessive speed without there being a possibility of regulating it yourself, and it is not at 1x5 as they say, it is between 1x75 at x2 when you get a mask!

  • AryaStark123AryaStark123 Posts: 22 Level 2
    edited June 8

    Where is update am android player and when i click update nothing happend its shows game is updated

  • itsryanlcitsryanlc Posts: 6 Level 2
    edited June 8

    I haven't received the update yet, my game has notified that it has an update available but when I go to the app store there is no update available.

  • HickmatteoHickmatteo Posts: 9 Level 2

    why can't update on iOS the game??!?!? Pls do something about @QueenMia

  • David5023David5023 Posts: 257 Level 3

    Hello, the same thing happens to me, update appears but I click on the update icon but it does not update me, I have had the problem for 2 days 😭 help @QueenMia

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