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  • RoshwerthRoshwerth Posts: 108 Level 2

    Another proof that this is not normal for someone to jump out later with an indefensible excuse

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • S3shhs3SS3shhs3S Posts: 77 Level 2

    I don't cheat or associate with cheaters... I also do have a life. I'm Sesh by the way👋

  • Reilayne92Reilayne92 Posts: 547 Level 3

    I'm also working like you, just that when I have day offs, I spend time playing with the time I have. Like my motto says "play smart and work smart" If you met Crash Beyond you'd probably more heartbroken to catch up with since he also a busy worker in daily life, but can achieve huge amount of trophy as well as levelling up to 62😂

  • Pikboi15Pikboi15 Posts: 31 Level 2

    I don’t wanna sound rude or anything like that but, like I said before, we don’t cheat. We don’t use bots or any sort of hacks. We play legitimately, and plus your photos are out of date. The team that was in 2nd has over 112k trophies now. Just letting you know :)

  • LynicaLynica Posts: 50 Level 3

    Hi. I'm not a part of the team but I do see them most of the time on the discord server and I can assure you that they're not cheating. Just to give you an idea, in the game's discord server, there are very dedicated and amazing players who spend hours playing the game and creating spreadsheets of how many materials/ingredients are needed for upgrades and even computations on their average steps accumulated per day. Some even have youtube channels dedicated to CBOTR content. Yes they do exist and they chose to play the game and live their life that way and you can't call them out for cheating or the game being unfair just because they chose that lifestyle. I myself spend more hours at home because I get anxiety attacks when socializing too much. That's why I prefer to minimize my social life and spend more time on games that I enjoy including this game. It takes my mind away from overthinking. Making the game and players adjust according to your lifestyle only and not considering other people's preferences is not anywhere near fair and square. It's one sided. If someone chooses to play the game as a hobby or past time and not competitively because they have a happy life outside the game then good for them. Now if someone also chooses to grind the game for hours cuz they're happy hoarding steps and competing for the top then good for them too. It's a game, we're all holding our own phones and play the game how we want to as long as we're enjoying and not breaking rules. Sorry for the long post, I just can't stay quiet knowing that I see how dedicated and happy these people are when they share their infos and achievements on discord and now they're being called out in here as hackers. Have a good day everyone. Keep on running and enjoying the game and may the real hackers get banned 😉

  • RoshwerthRoshwerth Posts: 108 Level 2

    that is dedication esp is spending that is not time in a short time having more than 300,000 trophies is not normal I do not know why they are defended with these non-normal results I do not know who is 24 hours a day a week unless they can take him out to eat and sleep since they would be robots or bots

  • RoshwerthRoshwerth Posts: 108 Level 2

    Sorry I'm going to be a bit rude but I take my photos instantly of the day and upload them at no time have they dropped to second they are still first if you see it as normal, good for you but the numbers speak for themselves. These people are seen to spend 24 hours a day playing for each day of the week

  • S3shhs3SS3shhs3S Posts: 77 Level 2
  • S3shhs3SS3shhs3S Posts: 77 Level 2
  • SoqufiaSoqufia Posts: 31 Level 2

    sorry for the confusion but we’ve been grinding since last season this is twice we’ve been mistaken as cheaters, we’re just a dedicated team,quit being mad n trying to take this away from us,noobhead!!!

  • SoqufiaSoqufia Posts: 31 Level 2

    How dare you accuse my team of cheating,how dare YOU😡,How would you like it if called you a cheater huh,You newbie noob grrr LETS GO. let’s see you beat us.I love competition babe you WONT beat us GRRR😡

  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 462 Level 3

    And that's how you create toxicity. By being stubborn and accusing others with insufficient proof.

  • Pikboi15Pikboi15 Posts: 31 Level 2

    Bruh I can’t believe u accuse me and my team of being cheaters 😡 Like I said for the millionth time. WE. ARENT.HACKERS!!! If u ask me, I think ur the bot. Like seriously why are you even saying that we’re hackers,cheaters, etc! Like I can’t believe you would assume such things (Srry I had to be a lil rude here)

  • MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 403 Level 3

    The problem is, they still believe they have 100% definitif proof about the other team cheating. As long as they believe that, no other proof that suggest this team is not cheating will convince them otherwise.

    If W35's post in my linked discussion isn't enough, or Lynica basically saying these players are the GetHanked/JoeyYoutube of the discord, nothing will.

    This person will just keep posting about this everywhere, spreading they toxicity to other discussion that have nothing to do with this legit hardcore team.

    I'm sorry for you guys, Pikboi15/Soqufia and others who have posted here. Just know most of the community knows you are 100% legit and admire your dedication. 💪

  • RoshwerthRoshwerth Posts: 108 Level 2

    I know that a cheater will never admit it but from one day to the next reaching 300,000 is very suspicious I never saw a person run for more than 24 hours to do steps and do it daily, it is not surprising that they do not sleep or eat or go out to see the sunlight

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