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Random place to start at collection run and its not slow again...

JovialWJovialW Posts: 36 Level 2

So, they just made it to where when you enter a level in collection run, you'll appear at a random part of the map and some to most times, its just so annoying, because if you're unlucky, you'll have to do an extra lap which is lame in general.

Also, just woke up this morning and now the speed for collection run is basically back to how it was Day 1 and now it'll take me way longer to get the items now. I can't understand if you're entering a new level, but what if you understand the whole area and want to go faster?

I hope there will be an turbo option so that you can go faster to get items because right now Collection runs aren't my best friend at the moment...


  • MuchoMucho Posts: 365 Level 3
    edited June 12

    Apparently random spawn was not a test to see if players like it. They lied. It was made clear by the community that most hate it. It was just a test to see if it makes them more money. Obviously it did, so now there is no need to remove it again. Instead now it will spread to more and more of the competitive players, to make even more money from ads and crystals.

    Also speed for me ist still insane. So the same applies here.

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  • El_Mercader_XEl_Mercader_X Posts: 27 Level 2

    It's Nobody's Land The Game, they don't fix almost anything important, The screens are getting worse with each update, and today they increased my speed even more. They do not want to continue like this, technical services, developers and some moderators ignore these problems or just say: You are aware of this and we will look for a solution, but I do not guarantee anything. trying to occupy or ignore the claims and the vote of the community.

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