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Cheater with 2 accounts needs to be banned ASAP!!

GeanyBGeanyB Posts: 5 Level 2

Funny to see how the 1st rank of the hard work of my team called SMU Legends go flashed away in less then 10 min by this cheater with 2 accounts called God of Run! Yes his the God of cheating!

So ya his the God of Run but thanks to his fabulous cheating! I’ve stopped intentionally running for trophies to be able to screenshot all his huge jumps he made on both his accounts. I didn’t have time to SS the jumps on his first account but he had 17k then jumped right away to 30k trophies in 10 minutes…wow oh wow! Then on his 2nd account he jumped from 12k to 30k trophies in another 5 minutes:))

Me and other guys from my team reported him inside the game but it’s extremely important to report him here hoping for a community manager to read our posts and ban this hilarious cheater! I’ll upload all the SS I took with him cheats!

He needs to be banned ASAP! This is absurd!


  • El_Mercader_XEl_Mercader_X Posts: 27 Level 2

    It is not the only one, there are many cheats, look at this one with whom I am competing, the description of the team says: "Competitive" clan that assures you the first place. This team did not appear in the top 10 in the first 5 days, and in less than 10 minutes it appeared in 1st place, after a few minutes the leader of that team doubled its number of trophies. not to mention that his level does not correspond to someone who wins many trophies in a short time.

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  • GeanyBGeanyB Posts: 5 Level 2

    Oh ya his definitely a cheater !!!

    I dunno if any responsible in charge takes actually an action to remove this teams or ban their score to 0! There are many hard working legit players that try to lead in the tops and they get discouraged seeing this cheaters winning so easily!

    Like in the SS I posted above, I’ve seen that guy with multiple accounts or maybe they are several players that use who knows what kind of cheat, reaching 150k trophies in less then 20 min!

    Where is a game responsible person to punish their absurd actions?

    On my board that cheating team is still 1st…cool right?

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