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Little Solution For Survival Runs’ Crashes

MSupremeMSupreme Posts: 205 Level 3

Hi guys, mi idea is simple and at least could save some trophies. We all know that sometimes the Survival Runs crashes and we lose all that we have got (Trophies and Wumpas). My solution is this:

When somebody close the app, abbandon the Run or if the app just crashes, the game will count it like a forfait and give all the Trophies and Wumpas that the player has accumulated until its forfait.

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  • Wumpa_BakerWumpa_Baker Posts: 50 Level 2
    edited June 15

    This. If what you're suggesting is a system that, in the event of a crash or accidental closure of the game, when you restart the game there is some kind of pop-up that says you have unclaimed trophies, fruit or items and you can choose to "claim" or "toss" then yes. 1000x yes.

    I just had my game crash twice during survival runs. The first time I lost about 425 trophies the second time I lost 909 trophies. I also lost the tickets for those runs as well. I've been on collection runs too and had a crash and then have to start all over again. If I could have a chance to reclaim thoes lost items, then yes absolutely.

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  • MuchoMucho Posts: 365 Level 3

    How about, instead of working on the symptoms, just fix the bugs?

  • MSupremeMSupreme Posts: 205 Level 3

    @Mucho This is a temporary solution, while we are waiting the fix

  • Wumpa_BakerWumpa_Baker Posts: 50 Level 2


    I hear what you're saying but this has happend in previous builds as well. There will always be some kind of bug that can lead to a crash. Also there are non game related events that can cause problems too such as a temporary loss of internet or just an issue with your device. Having a safety net like this would be useful I feel. @MSupreme may have suggested it as a temporary fix but I voted for it as permanent feature. It's a good idea.

  • MSupremeMSupreme Posts: 205 Level 3

    @Wumpa_Baker My idea could be developed, like a little feature, to “save” the run. At least, the Ticket wouldn’t be wasted

  • Wumpa_BakerWumpa_Baker Posts: 50 Level 2

    That was what I thinking. Not a "pick-up where you left off" but a "chance to claim what you earned" like trophies, ingredients, maybe even steps. You wouldn't continue your run, just get the what you collected. And like you said you wouldn't waste the ticket.

  • Wumpa_BakerWumpa_Baker Posts: 50 Level 2
    edited June 16

    Today: 5 survival runs, 3 crashes. 3215 (425+805+705+855+425) trophies earned. Only 1660 collected. 1555 plus 3 tickets gone.

    Yes this "save" feature would be good idea.

  • MSupremeMSupreme Posts: 205 Level 3

    @Wumpa_Baker I hope that this idea will be developed

  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3
    edited June 18

    I don't know if it can be done.

    A crash disconnect remote and the host.

    If i understood correctly the battle run and other things gives data to their terminal only at the end of them (maybe at the load screen). This explain why they don't take items if you close the app before the end.

    Supposing this, doing what you suggested may mean more efforts and a lot of works just to save crashes that, i have to tell you, are unpredictable.

    Said this the solution/suggestion i would give would be instead to do that survival run works as other runs and take the ticket only at the end of the run, when you send your data to their terminal. This way, even if it crash, you may keep the ticket and try again, instead to lose it when you enter no matter how it goes (again, load screen, data sent).

    Few efforts for them to implement this, or at least less than what you suggested, and for sure a good thing to keep even for the future, if something unpredictable may happen.

    Still, keep in mind that you will lose something anyway; time. This is because often the data is sent in a particular moment, and not ever. This is done to not overcharge the system. Less time the data is sent, the better is for the whole system to work.

    2 cents from a nobody as me.

  • Wumpa_BakerWumpa_Baker Posts: 50 Level 2

    @KysartSarglin a few things

    1) You're not a "nobody", you're a somebody and we're lucky to have you. Both on these forums and in this world. Don't insult yourself like that it's not right or good for you.

    2) Not going to pretend to know how any of this works, you definitely know more than I, but when a crash happens isn't a log file created on the system with all the info of the event. And couldn't you create a file or something from it so that when you restart the game a popup would be displayed with like "Looks like you dropped this but Kupuna-Wa see everything and grabbed it for you" then you would be able to reclaim your stuff or something. Or would that be too much work? Like I said, don't really know how this all works.

    3) looks to me like those 2 cents can buy a lot of wumpa.

  • MSupremeMSupreme Posts: 205 Level 3
    edited June 18

    So @KysartSarglin and @Wumpa_Baker we can have 4 possible situations:

    1) The game “how it is now” —>

    Lose: Ticket, Wumpas, Trophies and Time

    Save: Nothing

    2) @KysartSarglin idea —>

    Lose: Time (Wumpas and Trophies technically)

    Save: Ticket

    3) My and @Wumpa_Baker idea —>

    Lose: Nothing

    Save: Wumpas, Trophies, Ticket and Time

    4) A Fix

    Lose: Nothing

    Save: Wumpas, Trophies, Ticket and Time

    You’re idea @KysartSarglin has a little particular that the Devs didn’t want (I think😂): if tou die to early you just close the app and save the ticket.

    My idea will be good because you can save everything and if your device has some problems (even after a Fix) you don’t lose anything.

    P.S. @Wumpa_Baker I love your Kapuna-Wa idea for the idea❤️

  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3

    I appreciate what you said @Wumpa_Baker.

    Anyway, about the point 2, i really cannot say anything for sure. I don't know the system they use, nor when the data is sent, nor anything else (didn't checked their code). Mine are only assumptions based on what i saw in the game and many things that i tested (even if i didn't want to..😂)

    About crash logs...today, with the technology we have, is rare to have literally nothing about crashes. BUT i often interact with browsers, that are projected to give an error in exit if it is needed. As i said, it is rare to have absolutely nothing, still i don't know their code nor the coding language they use. So...it is only up to them.

    Anyway, i heard you can play even in offline mode. If that is true i fear doing what has been suggested by the OP would mean more work for them, and more to load for the system.

    I think they will not read this, cause it seams that moderators have to report to the studio what is written here. And even if they do i think the answer will be "we know how to do our work, focus on yours". This is why i said "a nobody as me".

    MSupreme, i cannot say it for sure, but i think that between your suggestion and a fix, a fix would need less work. Especially cause it seams not every device is affected by that 400 trophies crash, or the app crash. If you want we can talk about it in our language via pm.

    About the general freeze and crashes i would say to moderators to suggest to the studio that it may be caused by a loop; a condition that doesn't occur and overcharge the memory of the device, cause sometimes it happen that start to freeze little by little and block causing a crash at the end (even with a cellphone block too). At least for my device.

    To end, this is not my job. They are for sure more qualified than me. They may need just time and focus on fix. But the focus is not a decision they have to make...i think.

  • MSupremeMSupreme Posts: 205 Level 3

    We’ll wait for the Devs to think about a solution😌 We are just “helping” them sharing our ideas 😉

    P.S. @KysartSarglin are you Italian?😂

  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3

    Yes, i am, MSupreme.

    The most important thing to understand it are my screenshots. But even the fact i usually write "i" without capslock and that my english is not so good are good hints. 😂👍

  • MSupremeMSupreme Posts: 205 Level 3

    @KysartSarglin Don’t underestimate yourself 😂 I also don’t speak english very well😂

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