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Reset Steps at end of a season



  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3

    Really don't know @GetHanked .

    My mind is suggesting me to count steps-trophies for pass only. This way we would have a real "team skill" based on survival runs trophies only.

    So, the point is...i like the idea to reset? Yeah i like it. But in my honest opinion there should be a real difference between survival runners and collection runners. Especially now with that speed boost in collection runs.

    I think there should be 2 type of trophies. One for pass only that you can collect via steps; and one for leaderboard only that you can collect via something that is a real PvP (survival runs for now).

    Imho that would be the right way for a leaderboard. Be able to be on top just cause you run in a collection run like turtle wood or lost city with insane speed...that's not fair at all imho.

    So, reset will help, but for me it is not enough.

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  • MaCoPiMaCoPi Posts: 400 Level 3

    Oh, please no!

    That's even more pay-to-win than any of the things they come up with...

  • NorthbreezeNorthbreeze Posts: 250 Level 3

    Well, at least it would be a seasonal contest as I assume is the intention. There is nothing fair to have a competition where some teams have been able to rake up huge amounts of steps beforehand while others could not since they were in a tough fight until the last day of the previous season.

  • MiamiCrash3MiamiCrash3 Posts: 158 Level 2

    I have thought about a reset aswell, but since a lot of people make it a goal to collect steps. I think a cap might be a better idea. Just like how you can only get a 1,000 in a survival run, I think the max number of steps one can carry over into the next season is 500k. It is still a good amount of steps but not as excessive to the point where other teams feel they can't catch up. In this way it is more of a middle ground that I feel more people would be in favor of.

  • hanautaBOBhanautaBOB Posts: 651 Level 3

    I don't think they'd do that.

    Think about it from a Business standpoint.

    If someone wants to desperately be number one on their Board and they are far behind, they'll have to buy tickets. And lots of Tickets at that.

    Too many to just pay them with their Daily "Free Crystals". So this makes money.

    Step Hoarders play the game a lot and enforce others to buy Crystals for Tickets, so really doing anything against it would get in the way of money while also getting on the nerves of players that pour dozens of hours into the game.

    I think they won't do that and I think it's easy to tell balance is none of their concerns.

    Skins already imbalance stuff heavily. The Amount of Material you can get and the Trophy increase for battle Runs are "an unfair advantage" over people that don't have them unlocked as well.

    Besides, imagine just getting started, getting your 10 Gems to join a Team and then waste your limited resources on weekly gangs and the Mission Board, halting your ever so slow progress to make more Trophies so you don't get kicked from the Team.

    Does that sound any good?

    So yeah, people that hope this game gets "balanced" or "fair", wake up, it never was meant to be this way.

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