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From 3 free survival run tickets to 2



  • Northbreeze
    Northbreeze Posts: 250 Level 3

    It's too generous if them. Why not cut it to 9 now while they are at it? Or none and only offer to use crystals to revive once one has purposefully died to avoid the broken game from crashing. It's getting rediculous.

    Sad when the game have such potential, hope they are proud with their decision making.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    @Northbreeze The feature is broken in so many ways, as is the competition for trophies which is the main reason for survival runs. With how they’ve managed to mess it up they might as well scrap it completely and rework it. But they’re not concerned about the state it’s in and what great potential it had, it’s never been about making it good for the true players, only the easy money they can make on a low effort game from all the players that simply can’t resist spending money. They’ll keep do whatever it takes to tempt those people into spending more while driving away the rest of us.

  • Samu92
    Samu92 Posts: 192 Level 3

    I tried to write at developers, they told that they didn't know nothing about this so they want investigate to put again 3 tickets, maybe the tickers daily are crashed alone.

  • WumpaThumpa
    WumpaThumpa Posts: 177 Level 3

    I have over 15 tickets right now so I haven't received any free tickets in the last few days, but if this is the case, and it was done by the devs -- why?

    Survival Runs crash and take your tickets and many players are losing so many. Why now would you decide to remove 1 free ticket in the game? If that was intentional then it is in very poor taste and instead of taking away players free tickets they should be giving players more free tickets to help combat the bugged out Survival Runs and improve player morale...

  • Mucho
    Mucho Posts: 365 Level 3

    "the game has been out just 3 months and they’re doing everything they can to ruin it."

    "You should be giving us more to play your broken game not take away!"

    Yes :(

  • Andrew1009
    Andrew1009 Posts: 298 Level 3

    Here is my experience during playing survival run,

    if you are having not more than 9 tickets, you get two free tickets.

    But if you are having more than 9 tickets, like 10 tickets, no free ticket.

    After receiving free tickets, you have to wait 24 hours for receiving another free tickets with having not more than 9 tickets.

  • QueenMia
    QueenMia Posts: 12,981 Community Manager

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on this - I've got some info for you on that from the COTR Team:

    The amount of tickets you receive each day should remain 2 in the future. The change has been decided based on the Team's research and in-game's activity. We know that it might feel like a step back for some of you now, but the ticket reduction should be balanced with other changes/upcoming changes - Like for instance, Season 3 overall should be easier than Season 2.

    The team will keep working on the balancing and try a few different things in the coming seasons. Note that most of the changes (if not all) should be making it better for you, guys.

    We know we have to improve on communication too and we'll do our best to get up to your expectations. In the meantime, keep the feedback coming as I do my best to share them all with the team. Thanks all for your understanding and patience!

  • Big_Wumpa
    Big_Wumpa Posts: 64 Level 2
    edited June 2021

    Haha that’s a laugh “Balance” they where really thinking of “balance” when they gave certain players a speed and increase and others not meaning they could get trophies x2 faster in collection run than the players without speed increase so yeah “balance” “bunny fingers”

    season 2 was harder? In what way?

    Season 3 is laughable and they are losing players faster than you can say Crash Bandicoot

    they must think people are dumb- they looked at their data and found people where only using the 3 free tickets and decided to reduce them so more people would buy tickets from the vending machine

    have they fixed the crash at 400 trophies?

    players lose tickets regularly why would anyone purchase tickets to play this game mode when it’s broken and unplayable?


  • W35Gamer
    W35Gamer Posts: 1,377 Level 5
    edited June 2021

    If anyone wants to suggest what you think it would be better to balance this most recent change, feel free to do it on this post I quoted.

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