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Crystal confirmation pop-up

KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3
edited June 19 in Off-Topic

Well, i spent at least 3-4 hours to search things and understand a lot. But now we are here. I'm lv 3 so i can share links.

T&C point 5 and point 20. So this should not be illegal. Not diffamatory or anything else.

Now, we asked for a crystals confirmation popup. But it seams they told us (was to @MaCoPi ?) in a rude way we should control our fingers and don't missclick.

I hadn't enough time to read the whole thing -cause, you know, i have a life - and i'm italian, so you can add this is not my primary language and can understand where i want to go. But i found it and read something relevant, so i decided to share it with you...especially cause someone may understand better what is written there.

So, here it is. I read the T&C about legal disputes and it seams that who not lives in USA has to take the English laws for them. I've gone in the UK government site and checked consumers right.

Now, i will avoid to talk about 14 days everyone have for a refund/return (not only once as the society said for crystals missclicked) that is legit even for virtual goods and "money" (crypto). But i will focus on a thing i found called OFT principles that regulate online games.

On this link you can download the pdf as i did and read it.

There i found the principle 4 that state this.

Now, i didn't read everything cause i dom't have time now, but i will for sure tomorrow.

Until then i wanted to share this with you. Even if we have right for crystals refunds/returns, i want to go deep in it about this crystals confirmation pop-up in game. Cause has principle 4 says, the structure of the game is well known from anyone.

Sorry for my bad english but i'm not so good with it. Nor the smartest one.

Ps: I checked so many things in that site about consumer rights. Feel free to do the same cause as it states

So, i think we have all rights to know how things should be. And try to block this should be against English laws.


  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 480 Level 3
    edited June 21

    I think King considers that crystals are not akin to real money. They are in-game items that can be purchased with real money. There is a confirmation pop when you try to buy crystals with real money though.

    Anyway, I'm just saying they'll argue to death over semantics rather than admitting to predatory tactics aimed at careless players, children being the firsts on their list. They're no better than their parent company, Activision, nor Electronic Arts. It's just no one important is paying attention to mobile games, so they can get away with any of these shaddy tactics. That is, until it stirs enough public controversy for governments to step in.

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  • PauoloPauolo Posts: 480 Level 3

    Also, why isn't this posted on the main Discussions channel?

  • KysartSarglinKysartSarglin Posts: 199 Level 3

    Because off-topic is safer than main topics. There shouldn't be ways or reasons to block this, but in off-topic we have lower risk.

    I didn't had to read everything until now, i just found that principle 8 is a lot interesting as the 4.

    Anyway there they talk even about in-game items, especially when related to incetive to use money (and you know, crystals are bought by money).

    About semantics, there are green numbers in that site if you think someone is doing something illecit. We may call and let them do their invedtigations.

    All this not talking that, from what i read there, they MUST respect the countries laws in which they are exporting their games. So, a lot of nations. Not just "meh, i'm in England so i follow England laws". Cause England laws, as every nation laws nowaday, say everytime that if you export anything, be it phisical or via internet - other domains, as european Play Store, just to generalize - you must follow that country (european) laws too.

    The only reason why few do these things is because there is not so much controls on them as it should.

    Ps: I think i will not have time to read everything for, at least, 4-5 days. Maybe week/s. So if you want to help, feel free to do it. You're welcome! 😉👍

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