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When will u fix the survival runs finally!!?

ErikVIErikVI Posts: 24 Level 2
edited June 16 in Support

Hello King,

I have to say I just have enough!

Enough of loosing tickets I've used my money for and bought, enough of not getting trophies I am generating every day, enough of your incompetency to fixt or do anything regarding it and especially, enough of HAVING MY TIME WASTED by running endless (/pointless) survival runs, which never bring anything back, as the game keeps crasheing almost all the time when reaching/passing 300 troph., EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Today, happened twice, - once after 500 trophies, second time after 800! (I've lost completely any taste for another tries, that is for sure!)

Yesterday too. The day before as well... It goes all over and over and over again... The fact u still could not fix this bug, is ubeleavable!!!...

I DIDN'T INVEST my money into your game for getting bandicoot pass with the survival tickets just to have MOST OF THEM WASTED when u can't fix the issue which is here and reported and neglected for quite a long time since surv. runs, thus trophies are used for a team evaluation in a season challa ge!!!

I DEMAND you either FIX it asap so we are not effected by this annoying bug anymore or to COMPENSATE me for EVERY tickets I am loosing exactly like this (not mentioning the trophies&ads I could use on other runs and my time as well) or RETURN MY MONEY which I have spent for the bandicoot pass exactly for the reason of having multiple surv. tickets BACK!

I WILL GO and UPDATE this thread EVERY EACH day about TICKETS and TROPHIES I am LOOSING, together by screenshots proofs just when the run and app stops, freezes and game crashes!

To demonstrate how TERRIBLE and ANNOYING that is for all of us and how much do I looss day by day u ignore this! - till somebody compensates me back or fixes/does something with it finally!!!...

Today's crash at 883 trophies, no ticket, no trophies, ads wasted, thank u King!

Another crash at 519 trophies, no ticket, no trophies, ads wasted, thank u King

Previous days (13.6. both) crashes at 377 and 432, again as usuall, NO TICKET back, NO TROPHIES, ADS WASTED, THANK U VERY MUCH:), KING!!!

*And those are only those I managed to printscreened when frozen!, there are many many more...!!! I am TIRED of nobody treats this... Giving u my money was the WORST decision I ever made, and I will NEVER repeat that mistake again, - that just stated!... - empty promisses are only being repeated again and again and again... and ppl who are actually PAYING U REAL money for your game are only being ignored or compensated by 10 purple crystals...(?) - RLY?

I dont care about your 10 purple crystals - they mean NOTHING to me, they are not even worth the time spent on those runs, It is JOKE more or less and they def. not prevent me from wasting another tickets & time and trophies contribution to my team the next day runs AT ALL!


  • 9yro9yro Posts: 7 Level 2

    Same is happening to me… it’s so annoying!! And is getting worst KING!! I’m tired of wasting my time… each run is about 20 minutes… and I’m loosing 3 or 2 out of 4… is frustrating!!

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  • WumpaThumpaWumpaThumpa Posts: 177 Level 3

    Funny how the same typing style and spelling errors are on both these posts.. 🤔😂

    But yes... it is very annoying to have the game crash on Survival Runs and this needs to be fixed. A temporary workaround is to die on purpose around 300 trophies, watch an ad, and continue. It doesn't crash for me then.

  • 9yro9yro Posts: 7 Level 2

    Sorry, but english is not my first lenguaje… and the crashes also happened before reaching the 300… and I kill myself on purpose… but still it crashes 600+ or 500+…

  • WumpaThumpaWumpaThumpa Posts: 177 Level 3

    No worries I hope this is resolved soon 👍

  • ErikVIErikVI Posts: 24 Level 2

    @WumpaThumpa Yes, same for me. I've noticed going further when dying arround 300 can help a bit, but no matter that, it crashes arround 7-8 whatsoever...

    Not getting your cues regarding the errors/style in writing, dude...

  • Wumpa_BakerWumpa_Baker Posts: 50 Level 2

    I feel your frustrations. In last two days I have run 7 survival runs and earned about 4150 trophies. However of thoes runs I have had 5 crashes and only collected 1660 trophies. I've lost 5 tickets and almost 2500 trophies. My desire to run is diminished because I'm like it will just crash and I'll lose my stuff.

    King.com is the publisher not developer. And with different OS's, platform types and models finding the problem will take time. I guess.

    Compensation would be nice but nothing was done last season with the problems, so I don't expect anything to be done this season.

    In the mean time @MSupreme has proposed a type of "save" function. When the game crashes and you reopen it you will be able to collect the trophies and stuff that you would have lost otherwise. You won't be able to pickup the run again but at least you wouldn't have wasted the ticket as much.

    You can find it here:


  • ErikVIErikVI Posts: 24 Level 2
    edited June 18

    @WumpaThumpa Yes, not a fair compensation at all, bc I could have run much longer then the random crashes appear, so it is even not that great enough,... - but at least, much fair-er then now.

    I was so outrages two days back (as before, that's why u can see a 1-2 days gap in the survival crashes reports in here/me playing) that I did not even play... same yesterday... Today I gave it a try and out of two runs, where I gain 557 & 618 trophies it crashed 2 times!

    I am done. I've lost more than 3383 trophies in whole I've just managed to take a printscreen for, much more than 6 tickets right now, ads on each runs and not to mention more then 20+ mins of playing each time, which is just "flushed away to the toilet"...

    I am trying to deal with King's support to refund my money for a bandicoot pass back at least right now, hope it will work, as surv. runs are rly unplayable now...

    @MightyWolf The sad thing is, that surv. runs are one of the MAIN trophies contributer /generator (if u are good to run long enough,) but now, it is more over like a punishment for a skilled players, as dying arround 200-300 trophies gives u at least some trophies instead of 0...

    Not to mention the fact what effect will that have on the securing our possition of a leading team in a season league's challange, as we are not capable to generate those trophies by surv runs anymore...

    I feel terribly sorry to say that, but if no change in this or willigness to compensate/add those trophies loose happenning each day to our accounts, like in my case right now 3383! Just out of 3 days of playing, I will rather quit playing this game for good, which is sad as I rly liked it from the beggining and liked the Crash saga...

    Bc I don't see any point of trying....when generating those trophies only brings u fruatration instead of any result and time spent on it, and competiting with other teams is becomming rather difficult, and quite oppossite then it should be, the more u earn, the less u get - or in this case, the more trophies u earn, the bigger chance to have 0 trophies, ads, tickets and time wasted on it at the end...😖😔😔

    Just a proof of my today's runs, where I get nothing,... Not going for another try as I rly wanna keep my sanity when another 20 mins will be lost/wasted...😔

  • zzyy85zzyy85 Posts: 35 Level 2

    Happened to me twice today, all when I was 900+ trophies, it really pisses me off on God

  • WumpaThumpaWumpaThumpa Posts: 177 Level 3

    Is Turtle Woods map available for Survival Runs this season because I only have Bear It and Dino Might?

    Dino Might is totally unplayable for me because of the falling through the empty void bug, lost too many tickets on that one so I only do Bear It. Bear It crashes occasionally but for the most part it doesn't (but I also rarely get to 500+ trophies and die around 400 anyway 🙃)

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    It’s not worth complaining since this particular company couldn’t care less, as any other free phone game, it’s only really around to generate a lot of money preying on unsuspecting customers. Quality is a rare sight to behold in those type of games. Time and again they prove this to be true, they do not communicate, compensate or even put up any proper warnings in game. The moderators (no offense to them) is only around to try and spread optimism and keep up appearances, while players are wasting their time being kept in the dark and let down a path of deceit and neglect.

    If the individual player is unhappy with the game/company, the way forward would be to stop throwing money at them or otherwise quit entirely.

  • ErikVIErikVI Posts: 24 Level 2
    edited June 19

    @SneakyBunny Hi mate,

    It is said, but I can not relate more... to everything u've said... it is like if u could read my mind right now... regarding the support (eventhough I had feeling there was a will, now I am not sure... 10 crystals won't fix everything... :/)

    Same as u mentioned regarding the "false" positivity spread amongs us to keep the "sheep" happy... - I don't mean to offend anyone or hurt someone's feeling, no, not at all. - keep playing as u like and if u can stil find it amusing - good for u!, but I dared to criticized something... and instead of focusing on the real reason which caused that I was only almost "attacked" by a "washed-up brained zombies" and called only frustated ignorant/troll... where true could not be more far from the reality... I rly dislike quarrels, and if possible, mostly I am not even commenting something/trying to only stick to pure gaming, so I am usually not even on forums and stuff... - unfortunatelly, this is not the case of this game I enjoyed, sponsored and played from beggining... Now I am feeling only a bit (or sometimes a quite lot)sad, irritated, kinda cheated and most of all... ignored... Why to report some issue when nobody cares!?

    I understand some fixes require time... But the real question is... Is somebody really doing something about it...? Or is it only give us your money and shut your mouth, we will fix (maybe)one day/we are working on it (and nothing is happenning for weeks and weeks...)

    I am leaving this upon everyone to choose/decide how it is based on how (s)he feels it...

    I've stopped playing survival runs, our team will soon fail to keep ours 1st possition spot and everything starts to slowly fall apart... - it already begans :(

    @WumpaThumpa Yes, same for me. Only Bear it and Dino Might, both kinda unplayable now... 😔

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    @ErikVI Sorry to hear about your bad experience with support, hope you haven’t lost too much on the games scamming deals like others have. But yes that right there is another example of how they totally stomp the players. They have no problem making the vending machine work with its overpriced deals or anything that will generate them money, but support has been a huge failure since launch and they haven’t even cared to fix the issues to be able to properly help people, almost as if they don’t want to.

    About your experience on the forums, you shouldn’t be afraid to engage in discussions because there might be haters, they’re always gonna be there whether its to attack or defend the companies. If you have had a bad experience or some genuine feedback you are welcome to speak up about it, just ignore all the trigger happy people.

    But when it comes to games, it can be difficult to get through with your feedback, not only because there’s a lot of mixed opinions and games can’t be tailored to suit everyone, but especially when it comes to greedy companies who doesn’t really care since it’s too easy for them to be all about profit. A few dissatisfied players will not be heard in the crowd so the best option is to just not support them, sadly, when what we really want is for the game to be the best it can be. There’s also a lack of rules of how companies are allowed to go about their busyness and that is something we really need in this era of gaming.

  • Roy3000Roy3000 Posts: 6 Level 2


    Same was happened to me.

    Is there any chance we would have any compensation regarding this serias issue?

    Thanks in advance.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 2

    @Roy3000 No they won’t compensate players, they just ask for your patience while they deal with the problem (which hasnt been fixed in at least 1-2 months btw). So you either just have to deal with it or stop doing it. I know, doesn’t sound like a good choice to be given, but that’s how they operate.

  • ErikVIErikVI Posts: 24 Level 2
    edited June 22

    @SneakyBunny Yes, at least at the end, the support was able to help me after all... - I am not feeling like before (like being irrelevant & ignored all the time when there was no easier fix or answer to my question...)

    So at least this changed and I am less frustrated now...

    To everyone else... - as this issue rly bothered me... and bothered me pretty much, as can be seen even by crrating this toppic,... I was reading some forums and searching for any help/overcome of this issue... and I was succesfull!...

    - Not perfect solution I must say and still this issue needs to be fixed, but at least if u manage to "navigate" or use what u will know now, maybe u will be able to generate still some trophies even right now, when it has not been fixed yet...

    The over-go is to die every each 300 trophies generated, use the ad for revive and continue... - by knowing that, u can still be able to get those 1000 trophies if u are able to die only per those intervals (I know it is not great, but still... even when not reaching 1000 exactly, u will most probably get at least those 4-500 or even more without loosing them all). U just need to die everytime when generating 300 trophies, to prevent the game from crashing... That means, after first 350, use ad, go to 650 then die again, ad, generate +300 other trophies and get to 950 then die and revive the last time, and kill yourself when reaching 1000 as there is no reason for running further... Or basically, if u die earlier, u can go +300 next trophies and apply the same strategy untill u reach 1000 or waste all your ads (4 per 1 surv. run)...

    Knowing that helped me lot not to loose all of my trophies out of my runs (and getting 0 almost every day)and finally start to contribute to my team again!... I know I've lost lot, arround 2k per day(each day), but now I can start to contribute to our team again... - hope it will help someone else as well...

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