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Devs please stop the Trophies cheating



  • Beast___
    Beast___ Posts: 49 Level 2

    Level 11 account with 76k trophies. Totally legit (sarcasm)…..

  • Mucho
    Mucho Posts: 365 Level 3

    This game is doomed.

  • QueenMia
    QueenMia Posts: 12,981 Community Manager

    Hi guys!

    Thanks for reporting these - Our system is running checks and flagging cheaters every day and we're doing our best to make sure those guys are caught! But it's great that you guys also help us - For that you can follow the steps from our COTR Mods here.

    And again, if you keep on seeing the same players/same team/ways of cheating, it's always good to let us know here. I make sure to pass these on to the Team so they can manually check as well. Will let the team know about those guys now.

    Thanks for your help and patience guys!

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